Tree Agate Jewelry

Tree Agate - A Brief Introduction

Tree Agate finds its name because of its similarity with the tree-like pattern found upon its surface. Though Tree Agate is considered as a member of the Agate family technically, it does not contain the banded form. It is often found in the grey, white or colorless variety and contains a captivating tree-like pattern. These patterns are formed because of iron and manganese inclusions. These inclusions are called ‘dendrites’ which is a Greek term meaning “tree-like”. That’s the reason why Tree Agate is also called Dendrite Agate

Tree Agate – Few Significant Historical Facts

Agates have been in use since historical times. It is believed that Tree Agate or Dendrite Agate was used by the ancient Greeks to increase their crop production. It was also used as a talisman to attract prosperity and abundance. 

Where is Tree Agate Found?

The sober looking Tree Agate can be found in India, Brazil, and Uruguay. 

The Beautiful & Popular Styles of Tree Agate Jewelry 

Tree Agate jewelry comes in various styles and designs. You can try wearing it in form of pendants, earrings or rings. The pendants made of Tree Agate are quite famous. Tree Agate is a great stone that is believed to provide every sort of strength including emotional strength, physical strength, and mental strength. You can put on this elegant looking jewelry to experience the powers and capabilities of Tree Agate.

Why Buy Tree Agate Jewelry at Gemexi

At Gemexi, we have designed and displayed a riveting range of Tree Agate jewelry. You can find some of the most beautiful looking pieces at our store when you visit us to buy Tree Agate jewelry. Our Tree Agate Women’s jewelry is inspired by various wonderful ideas. Check out our unique Tree Agate jewelry collection and you will come to know yourself! We are never short of beautiful designs when it comes to jewelry!

Tree Agate Jewelry – Get it Customized as Per Your Imagination!

The process of jewelry customization is quite easy and simple at Gemexi. We listen patiently to all requirements and expectations of our customers and then customize their jewelry in a perfect way. 

Glance Through the Unique Tree Agate Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

Buying Tree Agate jewelry online at Gemexi is a marvelous experience in itself! You will not only get to explore the never-seen-before designs but you will also definitely get a jewel of your choice. Just take a look at our matchless and unique Tree Agate jewelry collection and you will get instantly excited. The beautiful range of our Tree Agate pendants is definitely delight in itself. Containing multiple shapes like the square shape, oval shape, rectangular shape, and round shape, we have prepared the whole range of Tree Agate pendants in such a way that every woman gets a beautiful pendant as per her desire. We also have other amazingly lovely looking Tree Agate jewelry forms like rings, etc. Dive into the beautiful world of sparkling jewelry at Gemexi and get jewels that speak of enduring exquisiteness!

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