Sunstone Jewelry

Sunstone - A Brief Introduction

It is a surprising fact that most of the people know about moonstone but has rarely heard about Sunstone. Well, Sunstone is an enchanting feldspar gemstone which is often found in red-brown shades. The gemstone has a beautiful soft sheen. Sunstone also contains numerous dazzling inclusions. The Oregon variety of Sunstone is the only Sunstone which has copper inclusions.

Sunstone – Few Significant Historical Facts

It is believed that this stone is in use since ages. However, it was mainly used for the trading purpose in the ancient time. At that time, it was not famous as a stone for jewelry.

Where are Sunstones Found?

This lovely gemstone can be sourced from many places across the world, like, Russia, United States of America, Canada, Madagascar, and Norway. However, India is believed to be the best source for finding Sunstone.

The Beautiful & Popular Styles of Sunstone Jewelry 

Sunstone can be found in form of beautiful jewelry. You can find lovely looking dangle earrings done in Sunstone or a pretty bracelet with few sunstones in it. The Sunstone pendants are also very popular. Sunstones are often combined with yellow gold, white gold or silver to create various beautiful jewelry forms. You can flaunt your elegant sunstone jewelry in many ways. Use it with a classic or modern dress and it will look equally good with both the options.

Why Buy Sunstone Jewelry at Gemexi

At Gemexi, you will discover many outstanding designs of jewelry that simply take your breath away! Be it our Sunstone jewelry collection or some other jewelry collection, we are sure that you will find matchless patterns and fineness in our jewels. The innovative designs and the superb quality of our jewels and gemstones is one of the many reasons why our customers keep coming back to us!

We work on both ethnic and modern designs as we believe that everybody has a different taste in jewelry. Hence, at Gemexi, we take care that there should be some option for everyone when planning to buy sunstone jewelry with us. We have combined Sunstone with silver as we believe that this stone looks great with silver.  

Sunstone Jewelry – Get it Customized as Per Your Imagination!

Be it Sunstone women's jewelry or men’s Sunstone jewelry, we are open up for ideas from your side. If you have got any design in your mind, share it with us and we will get it perfectly customized for you.

Glance Through the Unique Sunstone Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

Sunstone is, unquestionably, a beautiful stone! The beauty of this charming stone gets increased when it is transformed into beautiful jewelry forms. At Gemexi, this lovely stone can be found in several beautiful designs. Our unique sunstone jewelry collection contains exclusive designs that look quite captivating. We can assure you that buying sunstone jewelry online with us will be a lovely experience for you. Check our pretty and exclusive Sunstone jewelry online and add this lovely looking jewelry to your jewelry box!

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