Stromatolite Jewelry

Wear Stromatolite Jewelry to Enhance Your Beauty

The deep and dark brown shades with an opaque look are a beauty to look at in form of jewelry! Well! We are talking about the outstanding Stromatolite jewelry. Stromatolites are actually one of the oldest known fossils. They are created by enormous colonies of blue green algae. Stromatolites as a gemstone come in deep cocoa brown color with golden shades in it. Stromatolites are also believed to be available in all colors because they are made of silicified organic carbonate material. These beautiful elements are believed to provide a calm attitude to its wearer so that the wearer faces various situations of life with a relaxed mind.

Important Facts Related to Stromatolites

The stromatolites are highly respected as jewel boulders which help the wearer in attaining the expected form of life. These beautiful boulders also help and support in enhancing the vision of its wearer. They are also an amazing option to restore the wellness of body. By wearing or carrying stromatolites, anyone can improve his immunity level. Also, it is widely believed that stromatolites support and help in attaining better digestive system.

Important Sources for Stromatolites

Stromatolites are available all over the world. They are found in abundance at Peru.

Fashionable Stromatolites Jewelry Styles

Stromatolites measure 4 to 7 in hardness on Moh’s scale. The luster is vitreous and opaque too while the diaphaneity is opaque. The jewelry consisting of this unique gemstone looks quite remarkable and trendy. The lovely pendants, enchanting earrings and chic bracelets can be found in beautiful Stromatolite jewelry.

Outstanding Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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