Stingray Coral Jewelry

Enjoy the Beauty & Charm of Amazingly Lovely Stingray Coral Jewelry

If you are tired of wearing the same old gold, silver or diamond jewelry and want to try something unique and trendy, try wearing the glamorous stingray coral jewelry. Stingray coral is actually a very beautiful biological coral fossil which is around four hundred million years old. At the very first glance, the stingray jewelry will remind you about the stingray fish because stingray coral gemstone has close appearance to the skin of stingray fish. Hence, this coral’s name is completely justified! This fossil gemstone looks like a black and white honey comb and draws further charm in form of jewelry.   

Significant Qualities of the Beautiful Stingray Coral Jewelry

There are many people in this world who often complain about their bad luck. Such people may benefit greatly by carrying or wearing stingray coral jewelry. Stingray coral is believed to remove bad luck from its wearer’s life. It is also considered to protect its wearer from various types of skin ailments. It is said that during the ancient times, the stingray coral was often carried by the sailors to stay protected from bad sea situations. This beautiful coral also helps in attaining creative and artistic skills.   

Important Sources for Stingray Coral

The compelling Stingray coral comes from Southeast Alaska

Impressive Stingray Coral Jewelry Styles

The honey comb kind of pattern and the black and white shades look very captivating when stingray coral is shaped into earrings, pendants or other jewelry forms. It’s dull and matte luster makes the stingray coral jewelry look quite elegant. The diaphaneity of stingray coral gemstone is translucent to opaque and it measures 2 to 2.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale.

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