Star Ruby Jewelry

Why Star Ruby Jewelry is Loved & Coveted So Much

Nature has bestowed us with many beautiful creations and precious gemstones are one of them. Star ruby gemstone that displays wonderful sheen and luster. This stunning stone shows a star with six rays and this scintillating star keep gliding when the stone is moved. Actually, the same six-ray star pattern can also be observed in many other gemstones too. The occurrence of this star is actually due to an optical process which is called asterism. Asterism comes from the Greek word aster meaning star. Hence, the procedure is also addresses as the star-effect. Star ruby doesn’t only exhibit the attractive Asterism but is also associated with many important physical and emotional powers. This beautiful gemstone can be found in various colors like red, pinkish red, violet red, chocolate brown and brownish red.  

Important Facts Related to Star Ruby

It is said and believed that this beautiful gemstone ensures proper blood flow in the torso of its wearer. The stone is also helpful in providing proper and satisfactory circulation of fluid in the body. This in turn, helps in purifying the blood. Also, the stone is revered for its characteristic of repairing and healing the arteries and veins in its wearer’s body.  

Important Sources of Star Ruby

The noteworthy locations of star ruby include Burma, Russia, India, Zambia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nepal, Tanzania, Somalia, Colombia, and South America.

Amazing Star Ruby Jewelry Styles

The diaphaneity of star ruby is translucent to opaque. Its luster is vitreous to silky and looks very beautiful. The stone measures 9 in hardness on the Moh's scale. The jewelry worked out of star ruby looks quite appealing and alluring. The star ruby earrings, pendants, necklaces etc truly enhance beauty of anyone who wears this stylish jewelry.

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