Spinel Jewelry Collection

Why Spinel Jewelry is So Popular All Over the World

The simple fact that why Spinel jewelry is loved and coveted all across the globe is that it looks amazingly beautiful. Till recent time, this awesome gemstone had little consumer recognition. But at present, this gemstone has captured everyone’s attention including jewelers and gem aficionados. This alluring gemstone is available in colorless variety when found in pure form. But the presence of impurities provides it various other colors too including yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple and red. The deep red colored spinel always remains in high demand. Spinel crystals look so perfect that they are said to be “polished by the spirits”. 

Important Facts Related to Spinel

It is often said that the rubies in famous crowns all across the globe are actually the beautiful gemstones  Spinel. Spinel is associated with many important powers. For example, it is said that the alluring pink spinel helps in getting rid of the physical tiredness. The enthralling gemstone is also believed to lessen stress and depression. Thus, the stone possesses the power of alleviating both physical and mental stress. It is a wonderful gemstone for revitalizing and stimulating the body time, thus, helping its carrier in feeling energetic and young.  

Important Sources for Spinel

The best varieties of Spinel hail from Burma. However, the other noteworthy locations for this stone include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Thailand, Tajikistan, and Madagascar.

Alluring Spinel Jewelry Styles

The diaphaneity of spinel is transparent to translucent. The spinel measures 7.5–8.0 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Spinel is considered durable and hence, it is perfectly used in many jewelry items. The jewelry including spinel gemstone looks very rich, glamorous and beautiful. 

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