Sphene Jewelry Collection

Titanite or Sphene crystal is a sparkling natural gemstone that displays amazing fire and alluring colors. The significant sphene spiritual benefits and sphene metaphysical as well as healing properties have made this crystal quite a favorite of millions of people across the globe. While you wear a sphene ring or a sterling silver sphene pendant, you can enjoy all the associated benefits of this wonderful gem.

Due to its various shades, the sphene jewelry can be worn with various attires and according to different occasions. From adding a touch of sophistication and grace to your festive clothing to inducing a bit of sparkle to your casual or formal dresses, the sphene or the titanite jewelry makes for an amazing choice for those who want to look special with some special and unique jewelry. If you are planning to shop fascinating sphene jewelry, Gemexi welcomes you with open arms! Before you glance through our elegant sphene jewelry collection, why not know and understand this crystal more?

Know Your Sphene Crystal Jewelry

The crystal structure of sphene is monoclinic or platy. It occurs in captivating shades of green, reddish hue, brown and yellow. The hardness of sphene is about 5 to 5.5 on Mohs Scale. Its refractive index is 1.843 to 2.110 while its density is 3.52 to 3.54. The sphene crystal has a good cleavage and it also shows transparent to opaque transparency level. The lustre of this crystal is adamantine. 

Titanite or Sphene Price Per Carat

If you are curious to know the sphene stone price per carat let us tell you that several factors affect the price of this beautiful crystal.
  1. •    Quality – The original natural sphenes are naturally the ones that are considered of high quality and demand good price. At Gemexi, you get to buy only authentic and natural gemstones including the titanite stone jewelry and more.
  2. •    Cut - The way or the precision of cutting the gemstone matters a lot! The perfect skillful hands cut the crystal with acumen increasing the overall value of the specimen while the ones that are not cut with perfection and care could degrade in value and price. 
  3. •    Origin: Some of the places around the world where sphene is found include Germany, Myanmar, New York, California, Canada, Pakistan, Madagascar and Mexico. However, the most noteworthy and popular places for the titanite stone are Mexico, Madagascar and Canada. The origin of sphene also plays a significant role in deciding the price of this crystal.
  4. •    Color: Color is also one of the significant factors for the final price of this stone. The most popular color for the sphene stone is green. The green-yellow shade also remains in good demand. The other colors are yellow- brown and yellow whichremains in demand by most buyers. 
  5. •    Clarity: The inclusions can disturb the diffusion of light. Minute inclusions can be negligible but sometimes the presence of inclusions is so much that the specimen loses its sparkle and seems dull. Thus, the inclusion is also one of the chief elements in deciding the price of this crystal. 
The analysis of all these factors is essential when deciding the Titanite or Sphene price per carat. Nonetheless, including all these factors, the Titanite or Sphene price per carat ranges from Rs 7,000 (that is $ 95) to Rs 20,000 (that is $ 275).

The Astonishing Sphene Jewelry Color

The sparkling colors like orange, yellowish green, bright green, brownish orange, or brown make this crystal look quite special and charming. The attraction of the crystal actually lies in its lovely fire, sparkle and bright shades. The wide array of rich colors gives anyone the opportunity to get a glamorous look for any special occasion. The colors and the unique diffusion of light in sphene or titanite jewelry make you look extraordinary and you immediately steal any show! Also, it is worth mentioning that wearing titanite jewelry will help you gain prosperity, knowledge, good luck, good health and better memory and concentration power in life. Even if you are looking to get some help in your professional life, you can keep the sphene crystal in the vicinity and you will be surprised to see the amazing results in some time. The crystal is believed to increase and promote teamwork among professionals. It also helps you become more organized in life. sHence, while you enjoy unique looks with this special jewelry, you also get to enjoy many more physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. 
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