Sonora Sunset Jewelry

Fall in Love with Sonora Sunset Jewelry

Sonora Sunset is a very beautiful gemstone and is actually a combination of two gemstones namely Chroyosolla and Cuprite. Therefore, the awesome color energies of both stones can be observed in this attractive gemstone Sonora Sunset. Sonora sunset comes in shades of green-red, blue green and black color too. It is said that Sonora sunset is a very capable stone for those who are looking for sources of livelihood.

Important Facts Related to Sonora Sunset

Sonora sunset not only attracts the viewer with its beautiful bright colors but also impresses anyone with its capabilities. It is loved and coveted as a powerful gemstone that helps inducing freedom in the soul of its wearer. The amalagamation of energies of two stones Chroyosolla and Cuprite into the single stone of Sonora sunset helps the wearer in taking some time out of his busy schedule for enjoying the freedom in life. It provides strength, dynamism and liveliness to its wearer to combat various tough challenges in life. Sonora sunset is also believed to provide relief from body pain and muscle constricts. It also provides positive effect on improper metabolic rate of its wearer.

Main Source for Sonora Sunset

The beautiful gemstone  Sonora Sunset comes from Mexico.

Exclusive Sonora Sunset Jewelry Styles

Sonora sunset comes with a diaphaneity that is translucent to opaque. It measures 4 in hardness on Moh’s scale. The various jewelry items like earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets etc made of Sonora sunset look very impressive with their bright colors and beautiful patterns.

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