Serandite Jewelry

Reasons Behind the Love & Popularity of Serandite Jewelry

All over the globe, there are very few gemstones which have pink color. The pink color in gemstones is found quite rarely. In fact, the Serandite comes in colors that range from soft peach to peach pink and from pinkish orange to reddish pink also. These awesome hues make the serandite jewelry look very special and appealing. This beautiful mineral was first discovered at Quebec, Canada. The mineral is named after J.M Serand who was assisting his team in 1931 during the discovery of Serandite. Serandite is highly valued and honored for its quality to encourage and inspire harmony. The serandite jewelry looks very graceful and can be found in various jewelry forms.

Important Facts Related to Serandite

Serandite is believed to provide a soothing feeling to its carrier when used in meditation. This beautiful pink gemstone is said and believed to possess certain energies that inspire increased tolerance level and harmony. This amazing stone also helps to connect with the divine. For those who wish to arise understanding and tolerance at their work place can use serandite for positive and beneficial results.

Important Sources for Serandite

The important sources for Serandite include Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, New Mexico, Namibia, South Africa, Guinea, Russia and Italy.

Exceptionally Beautiful Serandite Jewelry Styles

Serandite looks beautiful when worked into pendants, necklaces or rings. Its diaphaneity is transparent and translucent both. It measures 5 to 5.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Apart from its beautiful appearance, Serandite is also revered for its amazing powers and qualitites. It is believed to remove dissatisfaction and aggravation also. By wearing the alluring Serandite jewelry, one can defeat ill feelings like covetousness and greed. It also helps in lessening misunderstandings.

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