Schalenblende Polen Jewelry

Who Schalenblende Polen Jewelry Looks So Gorgeous

Schalenblende Polen consists of four minerals called Sphalerite, Wurtzite, Pyrite and Galena. The unique and distinct colors, as well as the superb pattern of Schalenblende Polen, look even more awesome in form of jewelry. The Schalenblende polen is available in shades of yellow and brown. If the amount of iron in this gemstone is low, the ultraviolet rays of blue-green hues can be noticed. The Schalenblende pollen improves concentration and helps in abstract thinking too. It is also believed that this stone helps in enhancing the power of perception and spontaneity. It is also said that improves the communication skills of its wearer and also stimulates connection and communication between those two people who generally do not converse with each other.

Important Facts Related to Schalenblende Polen

It is said and believed that Schalenblende Polen helps and supports the renewal of body. It also helps in the healing of injuries and wounds. Those who wish to improve their brain can also benefit from this stone as it helps in enhancing the development of brain. It is also a great option for those who want to lessen the problem of diabetes. The smelling sense as well as the tasting sense can also be improved by carrying or wearing Schalenblende Polen. People who often feel tiredness can also benefit from Schalenblende as it helps in overcoming tiredness.

Important Sources for Schalenblende Polen

Schalenblende Polen hails from Olkusz in Poland.

Gorgeous Schalenblende Polen Jewelry Styles

The beautiful asymmetrical patterns and attractive colors look great in form of Schalenblende Polen jewelry. Its luster is counted as resinous to greasy while its diaphaneity is considered opaque. Schalenblende Polen measures 3.5 to 4 in hardness on Moh’s scale.

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