Russian Pyrite Jewelry

Why Russian Pyrite Jewelry is Loved So Much

At the first glance, the Russian Pyrite looks like a polished metal. With alluring shades of gold, yellow, green, brown and pink, the Russian Pyrite jewelry, indeed, looks amazingly beautiful. This beautiful Russian Pyrite gemstone contains iron oxide in high quantity and therefore, we see brown tints in the stone. This attractive Russian Pyrite gemstone exhibits an awesome strong and reflective metallic luster. Such luster can be found in very few stones. The Russian Pyrite shows an iridescence of rainbow colors and thus, mesmerizes anyone with its beauty. The quality of this stone is judged by considering the size of the stone, the uniformity of crystal coverage and of course, by its beautiful colors.

Important Facts Related to Russian Pyrite

Native Americans used this stone as mirrors. The Russian Pyrite is believed to have many wonderful properties. It is said and believed that this beautiful gemstone helps in draw power of leadership in its wearer. It also helps in attaining wealth and prosperity for higher standards of living.

Important Sources for Russian Pyrite

Russian Pyrite’s origin is in Russian and hence, the stone is called so! The chief sources for this stone include USA, Peru, Germany, Spain and South Africa apart from Russia.  

Fashionable Russian Pyrite Jewelry Styles

The Russian Pyrite jewelry can be found in many stunning designs. You can discover alluring pendants, necklaces and other forms of jewelry created with Russian Pyrite. Russian Pyrite represents warmth of sun. Its refractive index is 5.1 and its diaphaneity is opaque. It measures 6 to 6.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale.  

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