Rose Chalcedony Jewelry

Chalcedony is a form of quartz found in a cryptocrystalline form. Most chalcedony found are opaque or transparent which primarily is determined by the type and structure of the crystalline formation. There are many varieties of chalcedony found in different parts of the world and one of the most common and visible distinction is of the varying color of the gemstone. Rose chalcedony jewelry is one of the most common varieties of the mineral and is easily characterized by the distinctive red rose color. Other prominent colors of Chalcedony are blue, pink, purple and white. 

What Chalcedony Means

Chalcedony gets its name from the Latin word chalcedonies which historically appeared in Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia as a name for a translucid Jaspis. Another explanation for the name is that the gemstone was named after the town Chalcedon in Asia Minor. 

Where Rose Chalcedony is Found ​

Rose chalcedony women’s jewelry is very common all over the world primarily because it is found in almost every part of the world. Brazil is abundantly blessed with large deposits of rose chalcedony and it is also found in the United States, Uruguay, Madagascar, India, Mexico and parts of Africa.

Healing Properties of Rose Chalcedony

Rose Chalcedony is one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry making. You can easily find online jewelry stores showcasing unique rose chalcedony jewelry collection in their popular sections. Apart from the fact it is one of the most easily available gemstones in the world, rose chalcedony has powerful healing properties. It is said to be a powerful healer which helps the physical body regain itself. The stone helps to improve one’s voice and bring strengthen the manner one speaks. It is also believed to be an excellent stone helping a wearer improve his behavior with others. If you lack the ability to tactfully talk to people and cannot manage others easily, wearing this stone can help. Rose chalcedony also helps balance one’s emotional and physical strength. 

Try Various Styles with Rose Chalcedony Gemstone

You can wear rose chalcedony just the way you like it. The universality of the gemstone makes it so very popular among women. Rose chalcedony looks very good on silver jewelry and can be elegantly worn as pendants, rings, earrings, and necklaces. 

Quality Assurance from Gemexi

You will find a large collection of rose chalcedony jewelry online on our store. Whenever you buy from Gemexi you can be assured that only the best jewelry item reaches your doorstep. We give you this assurance because we have some of the best craftsmen working with us. Their expertise and experience make them the best in the business. All the rose chalcedony silver jewelry sold on our platform is handmade by these excellent craftsmen. When you buy rose chalcedony jewelry from Gemexi you are not only sure of the quality but you can also unleash your creative side by requesting us to send you personalized jewelry items designed just the way you want them. 

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