Rocky Butte Jasper Jewelry

Why Rocky Butte Jasper is Adored By All

Rocky Butte jasper is quite solid and is a hard variety of jasper. It embeds unbelievable variety of colors and attractive patterns. Some of these patterns are dendritic while some show a landscape form. The best part of rocky butte jasper is that it can show few colors in one stone and can also be cut into a single color stone. This valuable pebble can be found in alluring blends of green, blue etc. When you look at the patterns of this stone, you instantly get image of topographical maps in your mind because many of those patterns resemble such maps. Both the two tone specimens as well as the single color pieces look equally charming and lovely.   

Important Facts Related to Rocky Butte Jasper

Rocky Butte Jasper stone is for those who want to quit some bad habits like drinking, smoking etc. It is said and believed that this stone is a wonderful charm that helps to get rid of bad habits. If anyone wants to wipe out dangerous toxins from his physical torso, he can use Rocky Butte Jasper. For those who want to extract emotional agony out of their lives can also benefit from this stone. Rocky Butte Jasper helps in attaining a positive behavior.

Source for Rocky Butte Jasper

Rocky Butte Jasper’s chief source is Western Oregon.

Fashionable Rocky Butte Jasper Jewelry Styles

With a vitreous to greasy luster and color blends like blue, green, the rocky butte jasper jewelry looks extremely charming and unique. The beautiful pendants and necklaces   well as the rings made of this lovely precious pebble help enhance beauty of any woman. Rocky butte jasper’s diaphaneity is translucent to opaque and it measure 6.5 to 7 in hardness on Moh's scale. 

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