Rhodolite Jewelry

Love for rhodolite jewelry

Rhodolite is quite a useful stone which is used for treating various disorders of the lungs as well as the heart.

Being a Pyrope Garnet, Rhodolite enhances the quality of blood, enhances the blood circulation specifically in cold weather and also relieves the disorders of the blood. Thus, you will find a lot of people wearing it.

Rhodolite jewelry in history

The Rhodolite Garnet is raspberry red, purplish red or rose-colored garnet. It’s a mixture of Pyrope as well as Almandine in its composition. The Rhodolite garnet has gained its name from the Greek term, “Rhodon” which means rose-colored which mainly refers to the pinkish hue it has.

The term “Garnet” comes from Medieval Latin term “Granatum”. It’s an adjective which means dark red. It’s known that it may have been extracted from term “pomegranate” because of its colors of seed coating or the shape of the seed. However, the term may have also come from another Latin word of medieval times, “Granum” which refers to red dye. The usage of the Red garnet has been there for hundreds of years. The ancient civilizations of Rome also used to wear garnet rings and used to trade garnet stone. The best of Rhodolite Garnet stones are a vivid raspberry red color.

Gemstone source

The sources of rhodolite include Mozambique, Tanzania, Brazil, U.S.A, and Sri Lanka.

RhodoliteJewelry style

The Rhodolite Garnet is quite a versatile stone and it’s perfect for almost any jewelry type like Rhodolite rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, hair pins, etc. It may be worn in gold or silver settings. Silver setting brings out the purplish tone while the gold setting enhances the rose tone. The rhodolite garnet may even be mixed with the clear gemstone like White Sapphire or any other colored stone like smoky quartz, topaz, peridot for providing modern contrast of shades. Different shapes, as well as sizes of the rhodolite garnet, allow creative choices of jewelry.

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