Pyrolusite Jewelry

Reasons that Make You Fall in Love with Pyrolusite Jewelry

Pyrolusite jewelry looks different, unique and yet attractive in its own style. Pyrolusite stone is actually a soft black, steel gray mineral with a metallic luster. It is made of manganese dioxide, the most significant ore of manganese. The colors of pyrolusite might vary from black, steel gray to light gray, or bluish shades. The word Pyrolusite comes from a Greek word meaning fire wash. The pyrolusite jewelry is loved and treasures not only for its outstanding beauty but also because of the wonderful qualities that are connected with this stone. Pyrolusite is associated with purification. It is said that Pyrolusite helps in cleaning the body by expelling out negative thinking, anger and uneasiness

Important Facts Related to Pyrolusite

In the ancient times, it was believed that Pyrolusite contained the capability of converting and reframing energies. Hence, the stone was often used by magicians of early times. This alluring mineral helps its carrier in having a positive outlook about life. Pyrolusite is associated with the base chakra. It drives out negativity and instills positivity and optimism in its wearer. In all, the wearer of Pyrolusite gets inspired to live life in a positive way and start it altogether with a new and optimistic vision.

Significant Sources for Pyrolusite

Although Pyrolusite is found all over the world but the important sources for pyrolusite include Australia, Russia, India, Brazil, China & South Africa.

Unique & Charming Pyrolusite Jewelry Styles

The availability of this mineral in several attractive hues and its unique beauty make it a wonderful option for transforming into jewels. You can find elegant and alluring pyrolusite pendants, necklaces etc that draw your attention quickly. The diaphaneity of pyrolusite is opaque and it measures 2 to 6.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale. Its luster is metallic, dull but surely attractive! Pyrolusite is also believed to improve eye-sight. It is also said that this gemstone helps to combat bronchitis.  

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