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Celestobarite is a beautiful, elegant and mesmerizing gemstone that though rare is filled with numerous healing properties. It is generally found in cream, coral or orange colors. It is believed that Celestobarite is composed of properties that are also found in Celestite and Barite. Traces of barium and strontium have also been found in this gemstone. It is believed that wearing Celestobarite jewelry helps the mind to understand problems and situations from all angles. The stones help a wearer take better and far-sighted decisions. If you are planning to buy Celestobarite jewelry there are many reasons why you will rejoice at your decision. The light but alluring shades of the stone is enchanting and can easily catch anyone’s attention. It looks very good as a small pendant hanging on your neck or as tiny studs on your ears. The fibrous blue and grey bands of the stone further add to its appeal.

Where is Celestobarite Mined From

Celestobarite is considered to be quite a rare stone and is mined only from new mines located in Poland, England, Denmark, Australia, and the USA. Most of the times it is found in locations where barite and celestite are also mined from.  

Metaphysical Properties of Celestobarite.

There isn’t any doubt that Celestobarite women’s jewelry looks stunning on any women. But there are more reasons why you should be considering buying this gemstone. It has immense healing properties which not only help the body physically but also heals the soul and mind. It enlightens the mind helping you see things in a new light. If you are at crossroads in life and cannot make a decision, keeping the stone close by will help you reach an informed and conclusive decision. Believed to be a multi-dimensional stone, Celestobarite helps to explore the multiple layers of one’s personality. It also works as a shielding stone protecting the wearer from all harm. It is believed that Celestobarite works on aligning the chakras, especially the Crown and base chakra. It is also effective on the solar plexus. 

A Made in Heaven Combination of Silver and Rare Gemstone

Sterling silver has its separate fan base. In fact, many times its popularity and appeal overshadows the demand for diamonds and gold. While sterling silver by itself makes beautiful gemstones but when it is combined with a rare stone such as Celestobarite the result is simply mind-blowing. The purity of Celestobarite gets enhanced when it is combined with silver. If you are looking for unique Celestobarite jewelry collection you will find no better collection than what you will see here at Gemexi. 

Unmatched Quality Only at Gemexi

We understand that it is not an easy choice to buy jewelry online, especially a gemstone that you have only read about. Which is why at Gemexi we go the extra mile in delivering more than what we promise. Only authentic gemstones are used to make jewelry items. All our workers are based out from Jaipur which is considered to be the gemstone capital of the world. All our craftsmen are experts in their fields and have a complete understanding of gemstone jewelry making. They have behind them generations of knowledge passed down to them through continuous practice. While their hands may be soaked in traditional knowledge they also completely understand the modern jewelry requirements. These craftsmen can easily blend modern designs with flawless craftsmanship.

Assurance of Prompt Delivery

Whenever you buy Celestobarite jewelry online from our stores you can be sure that the item(s) will reach you within the stipulated time without fail. We have a strong delivery network that continuously strives to improve your shopping experience with us. However, if you are dissatisfied with our services you can get in touch with our consumer executives who are always available to help you. You can chat with us at any time and seeks answers to all your gemstone and jewelry related queries. We are constantly working on improving our customers’ experience at Gemexi. You can know more about Celestobarite and other such rare stones on our website.  

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