Porcelain Jasper Jewelry

Why Porcelain Jasper Jewelry Looks So Beautiful

Porcelain Jasper is a very beautiful and elegant gemstone. The name Jasper hails from the Greek term for spotted stone. Porcelain Jasper exhibits captivating purple, white and black hues which make a creative pattern. These patterns can be found with spotted, striped or flamed look. The gemstone has rightly been called ‘The Queen of Jaspers’ as it embeds remarkable beauty in it. The stone occurs in the shades of red-brown, silver, pink, purple, white and gray. Jasper, itself is revered as a supreme nurturer stone. It is supportive for anyone who is facing difficult times in life. The stone provides a feeling of peace and relaxation to the wearer. The stone is also used by crystal healers in the revitalizing procedures of body.

Important Facts Related to Porcelain Jasper

Porcelain jasper gemstone is a very good physical healer. It helps in the improvement of prolonged illnesses like cancer. It helps in the detoxification of blood, thus transforming the body into a healthy state. Porcelain Jasper was honored by the Mayan people. As this stone was found rarely, whosoever possessed this stone was considered noble. The Mayan people also believed that the Porcelain Jasper was full of magical powers. Presently, the stone founds value and use in many healing therapies and is used by crystal healers and spiritualists. It is also believed that this stone is a good source for the absorption of negative energy. Also, the stone is considered holy by Native Americans.

Sources for Porcelain Jasper

Porcelain is found worldwide. However, the Mountains of Sonora in Mexico are quite famous for the production of porcelain jasper.

Trendy Porcelain Jasper Jewelry Styles

Just like any other Jasper, the Porcelain Jasper belongs to the family of quartz. Porcelain jasper is opaque and displays a vitreous to greasy luster. It measures 6.5 in hardness on Moh’s scale. It can be turned into fine jewelry pieces of porcelain jewelry that look quite attractive.

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