Plum Wood Jasper Jewelry

Why Plum Wood Jasper Jewelry is Loved & Coveted So Much

Plum Wood Jasper jewelry looks unique and stylish with its own beauty. This beautiful and valuable stone exhibits earthy colors like brown and yellow. Its streaks show tints of crimson, green and gray color also. The brown and yellow colored plum wood jasper jewelry when teamed up with other ornamental elements like gold, silver or with any gemstone, gives an amazingly beautiful effect. The plum wood jasper is believed to bring stability in its wearer’s life. In the ancient times, the stone was used by the Greek culture to induce peace and relaxation in their lives.

Important facts Related to Plum Wood Jasper

It is said and believed that this precious stone is very helpful in the vital growth of body.  Wearing of this stone ensures better absorption of vitamins and minerals. This brown yellow stone balances the Crown chakra and Root chakra. During the ancient times, this stone was used in safeguarding people from drowning. The plum wood jasper is quite supportive in driving out the negative emotions from its wearer’s life.

Source for Plum Wood Jasper

Plum wood jasper is available in deep forests all over the world.  

Outstanding Plum Wood Jasper Jewelry Styles

The plum wood jasper gives an ethnic look because of its wooden appearance. But when this amazing stone is combined with gold or silver and set in creative jewelry patterns, it definitely captivates anyone’s attention. The stone has a diaphaneity of being translucent to opaque and measures 6.5 to 7 in hardness on Moh’s scale. The brown yellow shades of this stone look quite impressive and elegant.  

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