Parrot Quartz Jewelry

Why Parrot Quartz Jewelry is So Popular

Also popularly known as Praseolite, the Parrot Quartz is revered as one of the most renowned colored gems in the world of gemstones. Displaying beautiful colors that range from lighter shades of green to emerald green, this beguiling stone looks even more beautiful in form of jewelry. This stone is a strong protective stone as it drives out negativity and protects its wearer from any negative thoughts. The stone is also believed to elucidate the thought mechanism and is even believed to be supportive in love-relationships.

Important Facts Related to Parrot Quartz Jewelry

In the ancient times, the stone was believed to alleviate pain. The parrot quartz stone is extremely supportive in recovering and gathering information. The stone is also believed to create balance in its wearer’s environment and is quite helpful to energize other crystals too. Parrot quartz is also helpful in recalling and remembering dreams. It is also said and believed that the parrot quartz helps to enter into the early intelligence and draws it into the present time. This beautiful green stone is extremely wonderful for the expression of astral conversation.

Important Sources for Parrot Quartz

The significant sources for Parrot Quartz include Africa, Brazil and the USA (Arizona).

Fascinating Parrot Quartz Jewelry Styles

The lighter, as well as emerald green shades of parrot quartz, provide a very refreshing look which instills tranquility and relaxation in the eyes of the viewer. The fresh green yet sparkling parrot quartz pendants, necklaces, earrings, and pendants add a lovely effect to anyone’s persona.

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