Onyx Jewelry Collection

The genuine wholesale collection of onyx jewelry is the best rich-looking and mostly comes with 925 sterling silver and white gold that enhance its beauty. The most famous onyx is a silver black onyx jewelry collection with a polished surface that resembles an expensive black diamond and black spinel. 

At gemexi, you will find handcrafted silver and gold paletted onyx jewelry with trending and fashionable collections with different colors of onyx-
  1. 1.    Black Onyx jewelry is a silicate stone that is made of silicon, condensing as quartz, and resembles agate but the surface is harder.
  2. 2.    Red Onyx jewelry is a substitute for coral. The natural red onyx is the same banded variety of silicate mineral chalcedony.
  3. 3.    Honey Onyx jewelry comes in beige brown, with variable shades and textures. Commonly Honey onyx jewelry is available in dark yellow and orange tones.
  4. 4.    Orange Onyx jewelry is a semiprecious gemstone and belongs to the agates family. The natural orange onyx gemstone is beautiful, semi-transparent, and bright.
  5. 5.    Blue Onyx jewelry is also a banded variety of silicate mineral chalcedony. Natural blue onyx is layered chalcedony and has parallel bands.

Benefits of wearing onyx jewelry

  1. 1.    Black onyx jewelry: Black onyx has the quality of calming the body and mind, which is beneficial to make you strong during times of emotional trauma and anxiety.
  2. 2.    Red onyx Jewelry: This helps you align and centralize your energy. Red onyx promotes good physical strength and soothes stress and nervousness, fear.
  3. 3.    Blue onyx jewelry: This blue onyx gemstone help you achieve the balance between body, mind, and soul to combine your inner energies to the core.
  4. 4.    Honey onyx jewelry: Honey onyx gemstone helps to protect life and reduce stress.
  5. 5.    Orange onyx jewelry: This natural onyx gemstone can help you to be the master of your destiny and provides mental peace.

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Onyx Jewelry

Onyx is a very rich-looking gemstone. Apart from its beauty factor, the stone is also coveted for its affordable price. The gemstone when combined with other ornamental elements like pearl etc, creates brilliant jewel pieces. Onyx, a strain of Chalcedony, contains a hardness of seven and displays a hexagonal quartz system. The gemstone comes in many colorful varieties which becomes another reason for its popularity. The gemstone exhibits light and dark bands which keep alternating. 

Shop Black Onyx Jewelry Online:

For those who love dark look jewelry, then they can go for the black onyx. Black onyx is the best option to buy the dark color gemstone jewelry, looks so fabulous and elegant while worn with all kinds of dresses. the black onyx jewelry is also available in all types of metals 925 sterling silver, gold, white gold, and customized.

Buy Real Silver Black Onyx Jewelry For Women 

Gemexi provides you a wide range of genuine black onyx rings at wholesale price and now comes up with a range of gold polished onyx jewelry necklaces and bracelets. The best part of genuine black onyx jewelry is renounced for its magical healing properties, especially for some skin issues, helps to heal the lower chakras, motivates you, and increases creativity.

Historical Facts Related to Black Onyx Stone

The onyx gemstone is believed to enhance physical strength and embeds healing properties. It is said that this gemstone helps in keeping one focused during workout sessions. There is evidence that onyx was used in ancient Egypt culture to make pottery items. Also, the green Brazilian Onyx was used as a platform in decoration sculptures during the 1920s. 

Important Sources Of Real Onyx Gemstone

Onyx is found all across the globe. However, some of the important sources of Onyx include places like Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Madagascar, Latin America, the UK, and several states in the US.

Healing Benefits Of Genuine Black Onyx

  1. 1.    High source of stability and courage
  2. 2.    Beneficial for health
  3. 3.    Enhances inner strength
  4. 4.    Best gemstone for skin and hair
  5. 5.    Removes negativity, increases positivity, and enhances intuition ability.
Other benefits of the onyx gemstone are that it helps a person free from previous memories and broken relationships and it helps to prevent overthinking. 

Buy The Latest Silver Black Onyx Jewelry Online By Gemexi

Gemexi offers black and red onyx jewelry rings and bracelets in 925 sterling silver and gold polished with up-to-date fashionable designs at wholesale price, so don't move anywhere else just visit the gemexi website to grab your favorite color of onyx jewelry. You will also get alternative options in jewelry themes:
  1. 1.    Onyx owl shape jewelry
  2. 2.    Black onyx starfish jewelry
  3. 3.    Onyx holy cross pendants
  4. 4.    Honey Onyx Dragonfly Earrings
  5. 5.    Onyx Flower Rings
  6. 6.    Onyx Chandelier Earrings
  7. 7.    Red Onyx Frog Dangle Earrings
  8. 8.    Black Onyx Sea Life jewelry
  9. 9.    Onyx Poison Box Pendants and Rings
  10. 10.   Onyx Studs and many more different jewelry theme designs you will get at gemexi.

India's Trusted Wholesale Silver Onyx Jewelry Supplier - Gemexi

Gemexi is trusted worldwide as a seller of wholesale gemstone jewelers to online and offline customers since 1973. All jewelry designs and themes go through a very long way and take time for handcrafting patiently to give a perfect piece of jewelry. Whenever you think about buying a perfect piece of gemstone jewelry for an occasion or gift, then gemexi is the best place to buy the head-to-toe jewelry collection at wholesale price.

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Some FAQ about the Onyx

  1. 1. What is the value of black onyx?

The value of the onyx jewelry varies according to its carat and also varies in the setting of the gemstone itself.
  1. 2. Is onyx a precious or semiprecious stone?

This is a semi-precious gemstone and can be identified by its dramatic black body.
  1. 3. Where to buy black onyx jewelry?

You can buy the wholesale collection of real black onyx rings and earrings at gemexi. Gemexi is India's oldest wholesale manufacturer of handmade gemstone jewelry.
  1. 4. Where to buy black onyx stone?

You can buy a loose black onyx gemstone at a wholesale price with different engraving structures. Like buddha's craving, a fancy skull loose gemstone, and many more designs are available.
  1. 5. How much is a black onyx ring worth?

The worth of the onyx ring depends upon the metal used in a ring, and the worth of the onyx gemstone also depends upon the carat of the stone.
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