Auralite 23 Crystal

Auralite 23 is considered to be a unique gemstone one which is not only rare but also highly valuable. Its uniqueness comes from the fact that it has composite properties of 23 minerals and crystals. It is a gemstone that has many metaphysical properties and it is known to help bring balance to one’s life. Possessing Auralite 23 crystal women’s jewelry is considered a distinction among jewelry and gemstone connoisseurs. Auralite 23 crystal jewelry are supercharged with high vibrations which many multiple benefits on the body, mind, and soul.

Where is Auralite 23 Crystal Mined From

Auralite 23 crystal was first explored in 2007 though it is believed to be one of the oldest minerals which took about 1.5 billion years to form. Considered to be the universe’s powerful treasure, Auralite 23 crystal can only be found in the Lake Superior region of Canada. 

What Makes Auralite 23 Crystal Special

There are many reasons why you should build your own unique Auralite 23 Crystal Jewelry collection. One of them is the fact that here we are talking about a very special and gifted gemstone. Known to be one of the rarest varieties of amethyst, Auralite 23 crystal is composed of 23 minerals. And hence the name. The 23 minerals found within this gemstone are Titanite, Limonite, Pyrite, Cacoxenite, Sphalerite, Goethite, Chalcopyrite, Pyrolusite, Gialite, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Copper, Rutile, Covellite, Bornite, Ajoite, Nickel, Magnetite, Epidote, Hematite, Lepidocrosite, and Iron. Since the gemstone is composed of so many minerals it isn’t surprising that it is a powerhouse of energies and metaphysical properties.

Metaphysical Properties of Auralite 23 Crystal

There are numerous ways that an Auralite 23 crystal can help your body. It is a gemstone that helps calm the mind and soul. It helps cool down tempers and helps to effectively control rage. The stone helps a wearer think before they speak thus stopping them from miscommunicating. The gemstone works on the upper chakras of the body healing and aligning them. The stone is also known to help strengthen a person’s intuitive powers. It is also believed that wearing this gemstone will help you feel empowered. You will seek knowledge freely and acknowledge your own failures by continuously trying to improve yourself. This endeavor keeps your mental health in good condition. Many also believe that wearing this gemstone also helps in eliminating bad luck from one’s life. You will also start believing in karma after you wear this stone. Your spiritual inclination will also deepen after your association with this beautiful and exotic gemstone. You will be drawn towards spirituality and feel a sense of calm at all times.

Exceptional Combination of Auralite 23 Crystal and Sterling Silver

Seldom do you come across a gemstone that is so magnetic in itself that it automatically lures one and all? And when that same gemstone is combined with a shining, resplendent metal the result is eclectic. That’s exactly what Auralite 23 Crystal and sterling silver do together. If you have been looking to buy Auralite 23 Crystal jewelry check out our collection at Gemexi today. We have some of the best sterling silver designs that make each jewelry piece look ornate and exquisite. 

Gemexi – The Hallmark for Craftsmanship

You may come across many Auralite 23 Crystal jewelry online that may look appealing. But they will not be crafted with as much care as we do. Our craftsmen are people who have been in the business of gemstone jewelry making for generations and who thoroughly know the art of crafting beautiful pieces. Shop today and treat yourself to luxury!

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