Mystic Topaz Jewelry

Reasons Behind the Love & Popularity for Mystic Topaz Jewelry

The mystic topaz jewelry is loved for its astonishingly beautiful colors that are full of variety and shimmer. This beautiful transparent stone exhibits a plethora of colors including blue, orange, brown, gray, green, yellow, pink, red etc. The rainbow display of colors makes this stone look very appealing. This stone is considered as a topaz with a covering of white topaz and various minerals including titanium topaz. The stone is called so because it is believed to possess certain mystic powers that help to encourage connection with the ecclesiastic and attain a spiritual self.

Important Facts Related to Mystic Topaz

Mystic topaz is also coveted as a stone with fiery energies because of its compelling and magnetic properties. The beautiful mystic topaz stone is highly valued as a stone that helps and supports in achieving a higher self. Actually, the stone is believed to encourage and strengthen the meditative condition of its wearer. The stone is believed to add relaxation in its surrounding ambience. It is also a good stone for those who want to stay young and feel energetic. Mystic topaz helps inducing imaginative capabilities and powers that help the wearer stay young and active. The stone also helps in providing solutions related to eating disorders.

Important Sources for Mystic Topaz  

The important sources for alluring mystic topaz stone include India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, China, Burma, Sri Lanka, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and Nigeria.

Gorgeous Mystic Topaz Jewelry Styles

Full of variety of colors and beautiful sheen, the mystic topaz earrings, rings, pendants or other jewelry forms steal your heart at the very first glance. The luster of this stone is vitreous and it measures 8 in hardness on Moh’s scale. It’s diaphaneity is transparent.

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