Mojave Turquoise Jewelry

Proudly revered as the “Gem of the Desert” by the alchemists and the connoisseurs, the mystical world of Mojave Turquoise is bewitching. Bright, resplendent, and unconventionally aesthetic - the Mojave Turquoise is an ethereal piece of stone that will steal your attention at first glance. As the name suggests, this rare gemstone belongs to the doted Turquoise family. But unlike its other varieties, the Mojave became the name of the game in the fashion world only recently. Thanks to how deviously gratifying and vogue it is. 

But is that all? Not! To improve things, here’s another cherry on the cake - the Mojave Turquoise has some superb healing benefits for you!! So doesn’t matter if it’s a solver you are seeking to help you with your emotional burden or a helping hand to stroke away your physical ailments, we assure you - purple Mojave turquoise jewelry is the healer you didn’t know you needed. 

Unearthing The Whereabouts Of Mojave Turquoise Stone - Where Does It Come From?

Deep and opaque - the stunning Mojave Turquoise sterling silver jewelry is primarily found in various hues like purple, blue, orange, and green Mojave turquoise. But since it is a relatively rare gemstone, finding the best pieces of it is a challenge! The most popular options are purple Mojave Turquoise and Mojave orange Turquoise. But choosing one from them is very difficult, especially when you have stunning options.

So if you’re searching for the best-quality Mojave Turquoise earrings or Mojave Turquoise pendants, pick the ones sourced from the mines of Kingman, Arizona, in the US. Note it down, as this is the only location on the map believed to produce high-quality, authentic Mojave Turquoise beads. 

The Lesser-Known Benefits of Mojave Turquoise Silver Jewelry To Heal You Inside Out

Like every gemstone, the purple Mojave Turquoise is also power-packed with umpteenth curative potentials similar to those of a traditional Turquoise. Since at Gemexi, we don’t believe in selling gemstone jewelry without helping you figure out how it is going to help you fix your concerns, read below to find out a few wonders a piece of Orange Mojave Turquoise Silver Jewelry has in store for you:

For Physical Healing of Mojave Turquoise;

  1. * Alleviates stomach issues.
  2. * Contains anti-inflammatory benefits.
  3. * Helps in the purification of blood. 

For Mental and emotional Healing of Mojave Turquoise;

  1. * Foster's feelings of self-love.
  2. * Helps you attain mental serenity.
  3. * Stimulates the journey of self-acceptance.

For Chakra Healing of Mojave Turquoise;

  1. * Heals and balances the Heart Chakra and the Sacral Chakra. 

The Beauty Of Wholesale Orange Mojave Turquoise Rings And Other Jewelry At Gemexi

When the seamless appearance of the Mojave Turquoise blends with its quintessential benefits, it gets hard to resist the temptation of indulging in one. But beware - fake beads of Mojave Turquoise are found in plenty and we don’t want you to get befooled.

At Gemexi, we showcase a wide range of 100% raw and genuine orange mojave turquoise handpicked from the best of mines and meticulously examined by our in-house team of experts. So, pamper yourself with the beauty of authentic mojave turquoise rings and other jewelry as much as you want to. 

Explore Gemexi’s Curated Collection Of Raw Wholesale Mojave Turquoise Jewelry 

From minimalist Mojave Turquoise bangles to surreally designed wholesale Mojave turquoise necklaces, we host a wide range of uniquely designed Mojave jewelry at our store! Here, check out some of our top-rated pieces from the exclusive Mojave Turquoise Jewelry Collection:

In wholesale Mojave Turquoise Rings;

  1. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Pearl Silver Honey Bee Ring
  2. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Pearl Silver Two Cats Ring

In wholesale Mojave Turquoise Pendants;

  1. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Pearl Silver Honey Bee Pendant
  2. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Pearl Silver Oval Pendant
  3. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Pearl Silver Two Cats Pendants

In wholesale Mojave Turquoise Earrings;

  1. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Pearl Silver Stud Earrings
  2. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise White Pearl Earrings
  3. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Pearl Silver Dangle Earrings


  1. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Pearl Necklace
  2. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Bracelets
  3. * Natural Orange Mojave Turquoise Pearl Sets  

Gemexi - Trusted Wholesale Mojave Turquoise Jewelry Manufacturer & Supplier

Gemexi is a trusted wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier from Jaipur. Gemexi markets its products globally and provides door-to-door shipments to clients worldwide. We create handmade gemstone silver jewelry with quality stones to make everyone uniquely individual. Our jewelry pieces fantastically accentuate your attractiveness. Mojave turquoise jewelry is trendy, and everyone adores it. We offer the facility for jewelry customization service as per customer needs with the help of our professional and supportive customer care executive. All you need to do is contact our customer care team to get your jewelry customized. We have jewels that make you look unique and charming!
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