Marcasite In Quartz Jewelry Collection

Reasons Why Marcasite in Quartz Jewelry is Loved so Much?

With its beautiful pale bronze or light brass shade, the Marcasite in Quartz jewelry looks simply breath-taking. As Marcasite is present as inclusion in Quartz (mostly white or clear quartz), the white look of this jewelry along with pale bronze shade make for a fabulous combination. Moreover, the Marcasite in Quartz jewelry can be found in beautiful trendy patterns that are eye-catching and help you mark your style in a matchless way. You can wear and flaunt this lavish-looking jewelry on multiple occasions. You can also gift this amazing jewelry to your loved ones who will feel blessed to have such enchanting jewelry that contains amazing healing properties of Quartz as well as Marcasite. This is another reason why this jewelry is loved all over the world! It is worth mentioning that Quartz is known as the master healer and thus, its healing properties can be enjoyed in form of Marcasite in Quartz jewelry also wherein the Marcasite will give you its own healing properties to relish.

Historic Origin of Marcasite in Quartz

As Marcasite has a close resemblance with Pyrite, the two stones were easily confused. This continued happening till the year 1814. People were not able to differentiate these two stones. Then, later after 1814, RJ Hauy, who was a French mineralogist, discovered a way to distinguish Pyrite and Marcasite. He found that Marcasite had a pale brass shade in comparison of Pyrite. Due to its pale whiter shade, Marcasite was also called white iron Pyrite. There is sufficient evidence which suggests that Marcasite was used in the medicinal field also apart from being used for the jewelry purpose.

Marcasite in Quartz – Few Significant Sources

Basically, Marcasite is scattered all over the world. However, some of the important sources include England, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, France, Mexico, Peru and even more locations around the world.

Marcasite in Quartz Jewelry Styles

Marcasite in Quartz jewelry is found in numerous styles and forms. You can observe the beauty and attraction of Marcasite in Quartz gemstone the moment you look at it! From trendy and elegant patterns to some of the tastefully created classic designs, you can find a wide range of Marcasite in Quartz jewelry. You can pick beautiful simple-looking Marcasite in Quartz jewel or you can go for more complex designs for special occasions and can also buy Marcasite in Quartz loose gemstones.

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