Lepidocrocite Jewelry Collection

Lepidocrocite is a reddish-brown to a reddish colored gemstone that is not popular as a gemstone worthy crystal. It is most popular in its raw form though there is an increasing amount of interest in Lepidocrocite jewelry. It is a form of quartz which is also known by two other names - esmeraldite or hydrohematite. It has an iron oxide-hydroxide mineral composition with an orthorhombic crystallized structure. The reason why it isn’t popularly used in jewelry making is that it is quite a soft stone with a hardness measuring only 5 on the Mohs scale. There is a submetallic luster seen on the quartz while sometimes yellow-brown streaks are also noted. Since there is a substantial presence of iron found in this mineral, it is often found in reddish hues. Lepidocrocite is found in places where there are large deposits of iron minerals and other forms of iron ore deposits. Surprisingly, Lepidocrocite can form inside old steel water pipes and water tanks where a rust scale has formed. Sometimes Lepidocrocite is also found within Amethyst but in such cases its color changes to purplish-red. 

Where Is LepidocrociteMined From 

Lepidocrocite is primarily sourced from Madagascar. It can also be found in varying quantities in India and Spain. The stone is also found in Brazil but there it is more commonly known as Kokoshanite. It also goes by the name Red Fire Quartz. 

What does Lepidocrocite Mean

It is believed that Lepidocrocite comes from the Greek language. It means either fiber, thread or scale. 

Metaphysical Properties of Lepidocrocite      

Lepidocrocite women’s jewelry is slowly becoming a trend. But jewelry made with Lepidocrocite is not only becoming popular because of its rustic appeal. The stone has quite a few metaphysical properties which make it quite an interesting stone. It is believed that the stone is beneficial for those who are suffering from hyperactivity and ADHD. The vibrations of the stone help to stabilize an over-active brain. The stone also sends out vibrations that help to ward off negative energies coming your way. 

The stone’s powerful energy brings the etheric alignment of the body to place. This, in turn, helps the mind develop its intuitive abilities. The stone thus helps in developing your instinct. It also helps open your telepathic abilities enabling you to get in touch with Divinity far more easily. The stone is believed to be helpful in heightening your spiritual powers enabling you to understand your day to day life more comprehensively. 

As a healing stone Lepidocrocite works wonderfully well for the heart chakra. Its powerful vibrations amplify the effect of peace and tranquility on your heart. Though the stone is believed to be effective on the heart chakra, it also helps align all the other chakras within the body.

Sterling Silver’s Allure and Lepidocrocite’s Appeal        

Sometimes it is not enough attraction to buy gemstone jewelry because of the magnificence of the stone. Sometimes there needs to be an additional appeal that lures you towards the gemstone. Sterling silver has that appeal. The rusticity of Lepidocrocite compliments the sheen of sterling silver is such an alluring fashion that it is quite difficult to ignore this match that almost seems to be made in heaven. If you buy Lepidocrocite jewelry, look out for ones that are encased on a sterling silver base. 

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