Half Star Rutile Jewelry Collection

Reasons behind Love & Demand for Half Star Rutile

The rutile mineral mainly consists of titanium dioxide. When rutile gets formed in the form of crystals around Hematite specimen, the star rutile is formed. Presently, the Star Rutile, as well as the Half Star Rutile jewelry, remains in significant demand. Rutile is present in the form of needles in other crystals. Sometimes these needles can be found in exceptionally beautiful golden, red or other shades. The beauty of these amazing golden needles is simply irresistible and this is the chief reason, why the Half Star Rutile jewelry is coveted at many places around the world.

Half Star Rutile - Origin & History

The rutile mineral was first mentioned in the year 1803 by Abraham Gottlob Werner. It is said and believed that during ancient times, the Star Rutile was considered to provide protection from bad fortune and the evil eye. Thus, it was regarded as a symbol of protection. Even today, it is used for protection purpose along with many other healing properties associated with this beautiful mineral.

Half Star Rutile – The Significant Sources

When rutiles show a beautiful asterism or star-like form, they are called Star Rutiles. This asterism or star-like form can be found in a variety of gems. Thus, the sources for each of them differ! For example, the Star Sapphire is found at Sri Lanka and other places around the world while the significant sources for Ruby Star include Afghanistan, Kenya, Cambodia, Madagascar and few more.

Half Star Rutile Jewelry Styles 

The Star Rutiles are crafted and worked into beautiful forms of jewelry. The sparkling appearance, the attractive and imposing color and the amazing beauty of the star rutiles have made them the perfect choice to be worked into fine pieces of jewelry. You can wear and flaunt this unique and luxurious looking jewelry at the most celebrated occasions of your life!

Expertise Craftsmanship at Gemexi  

At Gemexi, we simply believe in presenting the best jewels to our customers. We do not only work passionately towards jewel making but make sure that our customers remain a hundred percent satisfied in the form of delivery, quality, and other services. Let us tell you that we have a wide team of expert artisans who have been working with us for years. We are a family with a common aim among all members! We strive to give you the best quality gemstones and jewelry including the fabulous Half Star Rutile jewelry. Keeping in mind the latest jewelry trends and updates, we work to serve you with the most modern patterns in jewelry. However, we also work with classic designs as the classic jewelry patterns never lose their charm and beauty. You can notice the expertise and hard work of our artisans in our wide range of jewelry that consists of amazingly stunning jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Personalization at Gemexi  

We are open for jewelry customization. We let you enjoy quick, satisfying and perfect jewelry customization so that you get what you had wished for! Our customer care team is always ready to serve you. Moreover, the customization process at Gemexi is easy and efficient. You simply need to share your requirements with us and we will do the needful for your jewelry customization. Our customer care staff is available 24*7 and the executives are well trained, accomplished and knowledgeable so that the customers find answers for all their queries related to jewelry customization. Try us today and see how perfectly we deliver you the best-customized jewels!

Check Out the Wholesale Half Star Rutile Collection at Gemexi 

Gemexi has a complete wholesale range of gemstones and jewelry including the Half Star Rutile and various other gemstones too. Our wholesale jewelry collection is a wonderful combination of beautiful breath-taking designs and excellent quality. In addition to this, the pieces in our wholesale range are available at a reasonable price. Thus, when you buy jewelry from Gemexi, you do not only get exceptionally beautiful and attractive jewels to be worn on various occasions but you also get to enjoy the affordable and suitable rates! So what are you waiting for? Just explore our site today and pick a lovely jewel of your taste!

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