Grandidierite Silver Jewelry Collection

Why Grandidierite is much loved by all?

Jewelry made out of different metals and stones are the best since their overall beauty is thereby enhanced. Today the market has different jewelry that made up of different designs and precious stones. Particularly, jewelry made out of gemstones, crystals is always in demand and always in trend. One such jewelry pieces that are so in trend are the pieces made out of Grandidierite gemstone. This blue-green opaque gemstone is a wonder. Compared to other stones this gemstone is at its hardest and thus suitable for rough and tough use. There are certain gemstones that look splendid but are not good enough in terms of hardness and so there are delicate ones.


History & Origin of Grandidierite jewelry

It was found in the year 1902 by a French Mineralogist name Alfred Lacroix. It was first found in Madagascar. Though this precious stone was found in various other places like Namibia, Sri Lanka etc in small quantities, it must be told that the quality of the stone found in Madagascar were the best. Sometimes the Grandidierite stones are not available in the perfect condition or quality as per the demand. But the same never stops the demand scale as many people love to have the wonder at their side. There are definitely the Grandidierite gemstones that are clearly transparent and possess great quality as expected. They are the most precious gemstone for the reason that they are very rare in their existence.


Chief sources of Grandidierite gemstone

Being one of the most precious and rarest gemstones, the grandidierite gemstone is found only in Madagascar. Though there are few stones similar to grandidierite found in other regions, they are all considered to be of low quality and processed ones. The amount of iron present in this gemstone is directly related to the blue color of the stone. Highest is the concentration of the iron, the strongest be the blue hues in the stone. This blue-green gemstone shows yellow light when under polarised light and with the right angle of viewing.


Craftsmanship at Gemexi

Jewelry making is not fun without the essential talent. Understanding the important skill that is to be put in jewelry making, we have brought in best jewelry makers to crave best pieces of all times. Here, there are artisans from along the various corners of the globe contributing their hand in making the best jewelry ever. We take the pride of our experienced and skilled artisans. Having knowledge of the designs is just not enough to make the finest jewelry. There goes in a lot of skill, practice, and patience in the process. Our artisans have got all the required training for the same. Grandidierite loose gemstone always being on the list of precious gemstones, our artisans work with utmost care to make fine grandidierite jewelry.


Personalised grandidierite jewelry at Gemexi:

Not all jewelry offer customization feature. But we do offer the best customizations ever. All we need are clear outputs from the customers and consider the job to be done already. Now, you no longer have to look around for jewelry stores that are ready to customize as per your tastes and preferences. We have craftsmen that understand your need and work accordingly. Women’s jewelry collections are at their best in our store. Do check out the readymade designs including the Grandidierite jewelry online and the customizable ones too. Feel free to talk out about the design you would want to sport. Since there are no extra charges burdening your pocket, you can now take home amazing jewelry.


Check out Grandidierite wholesale jewelry collection at Gemexi

The best part of our online jewelry store is that we offer jewelry pieces at affordable price tags i.e. wholesale prices. Unlike the other jewelry dealers in the market, our motto is to provide quality and nothing less to our customers. Be sure to buy the purest ones i.e. the ones that are less processed. We take the pride in designing the pieces and put them for sale at the best possible prices tags. Come grab the best deals here. Also, do not forget to check out our latest designs in the customized collection. We love to serve you with the best designs and best market prices. We are sure of your coming back to shop more with us including the beautiful looking women Grandidierite jewelry online.

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