Feldspar Jewelry Collection

Get ready to jazz up your personality with unique Feldspar jewelry! The unique soothing shades and the natural appearance of feldspar gemstones will indubitably make you stand out of the crowd! Pick a handful of feldspar stone jewelry pieces for casual occasions or go for the sparkling feldspar silver jewelry when you want to look extraordinary on the special occasions. The range of raw feldspar jewelry online from India offers you superb choices in form of various designs.

At Gemexi, we believe that jewels are your devoted companions who always work their way to make you look and feel special. Hence, any jewelry admirer must know and understand about the chosen jewelry.

Feldspar Jewelry – A Quick Glance

You must know the basic points related to your Feldspar crystal jewelry. To begin with, let us tell you that feldspar is actually a mineral that is found abundantly all over the Earth’s crust. The feldspar mineral is chiefly found in the igneous rocks. The feldspar gemstone family includes several gemstones in it including moonstone, sunstone, amazonite, labradorite, etc. These are actually silicate minerals with the presence of a few more minerals. That’s the reason why this jewelry is also referred as silicate minerals jewelry. The feldspar gemstones can be divided into several categories including Microcline feldspar, Orthoclase feldspar and Plagioclase feldspar. The beautiful surface patterns, alluring shades of different specimens and the astounding refraction make them a lovely choice for jewelry. In addition to this, some of the other important points include the following:
  1. •    Color – The feldspar jewelry stones can be found in the shades of reddish brown, deep gray, yellow, bluish green, orange and greyish black, 
  2. •    Hardness – The hardness of feldspar gemstones is approximately 6 to 6.5 on Mohs scale. 
  3. •    Specific Gravity – It is 2.56 - 2.75. 
  4. •    Refractive Index – The refractive index of feldspar jewelry stones is between 1.518 to1.570
Be it the layered structures or other types of structure of this jewelry, the diverse surficial patterns or the amazing phenomena of light refraction, the feldspar jewelry makes for a classic taste in jewelry. 

Quick Styling Tips for Wearing Feldspar Jewelry

The range of feldspar jewelry offers both minimal sophisticated patterns as well as impressive intricate designs that are comparatively bigger and bolder. While planning to shop or wear this lovely jewelry, pick up the one that matches the demand of the occasion. A nice delicate pair of amazonite earrings will look great on regular office days while a chunky sterling silver feldspar pendant will give you all the attention that you deserve on very special occasions. You can also choose to wear a fascinating statement feldspar ring when you want to flaunt your style and choice in jewelry with the least effort. Handmade feldspar jewelry is a world of variety! Check the same on our site and add a few to your cart, today!

What to Know While Wearing the Handmade Feldspar Jewelry

Remember that feldspar is very sensitive to chemicals. Hence, when you wear this jewelry, make sure that it does not come into contact with any sort of chemical. Even if you have to use perfume, make sure that you are not wearing any of such jewels at the time of spraying the fragrance. Also, make sure to take off your jewels while going to the jacuzzi or sauna. Yes! It is important to mention because many jewelry lovers adore their jewels so much that they resist taking off their favorite sterling silver feldspar pendant or the feldspar ring. Stay away from stressful activities while wearing delicate feldspar jewels. Make sure to store your jewelry carefully in a proper box of jewelry meant for this specific purpose. Never use any sort of steamer, extra cold or hot water to clean the feldspar jewels. The safest and easiest way to retain the beauty of your feldspar jewelry is to clean it using mild soap and plain tap water that is neither too hot nor too cold. 
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