Danburite Jewelry


Danburite is the gemstone that was discovered by Charles Upham Shephard, who was an American mineralogist. Danburite is generally found colorless and the shade ranges up to very light-pink. The stone is famous for its excellent transparency and clarity.

Danburite, reason to purchase?

Danburite is assumed to be a stone with the excellent healing properties. It is considered as a great energy stone. The Danburite gemstone is believed to possess very pure vibration that infuse energy , to be both gentle yet powerful.

Danburite has an excellent characteristic to balance and properly connect the heart and the mind. The gemstone has the property to relieve emotional pain and help clear the past karma.

Danburite is thought to assist one to get a boost in the encouragement and enlightens the inner self. The wearers are benefitted with the release of the fear, grief and anxiety. The people with the zodiac signs, Leo prefers to wear the gemstone. The Danburite is also helpful for the detoxification and helps to get rid of the allergies and the chronic symptoms like the liver or gall bladder infections.

The History of Choicest and Valuable Danburite.

Danburite is a gemstone that is known after the place where it was found. It was discovered in the year 1839 in Danbury, Connecticut (USA). The original mining deposit was found in the city which is now buried deep below. The discovery of Danburite is credited to Mr. Charles Upham Shephard, an American mineralogist.

Danburite, the precious stone and its availability at Gemexi

At Gemexi ,you will find the great collection of stones in one place.  The collection of the stone is distinct and the thorough updation and exploration of new gemstones is carried out.The vastness and the varied collection of stones dates long back as the family is indulged into the gemstones and jewels. Being into the jewelry profession for years, we promise to bring you the most precious and the designer jewelry.

All the craftsmen at Jewelxi are skilled and trained enough to bring our the best of the jewelry. The rare collection of jewelry made in Danburite is liked by everyone, due to its colors and the  designs. The range of jewelry includes pendants, rings and earrings. Mostly, the jewels are made in 925 Sterling Silver that enhances the beauty of the jewelry.

Excellent Work and Craftsmanship by Gemexi

The adept and skillful craftsman at Gemexi brings us the classic and timeless range and designs of jewelry. All the craftsmen are extremely proficient and very well know how to please the customers. We proclaim to make the jewelry with no defects at all.

It would not be a hype to say that customer appreciation has brought us a long way into the jewelry business..Each item at Gemexi induces deeper attraction that will surely motivate you to buy it.

Jewels of Danburite, Priceless.

Each jewel made with Danburite is embedded and carefully enclosed in the beautiful cuts and designs carving of silver metal.

Some of the attractive pieces like pendants, rings and other items are so beautifully made  that you will not be able to take your eyes off these authentic danburite jewelry pieces.

Sources of Danburite.

The Danburite was discovered in the city of Danbury, Connecticut with the abundance of the gemstone buried under the city. The other sources of Danburite are found in the place like Burma, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, and Russia.

Personalized Jewelry at Gemexi

Jewels form great love and attraction for especially in girls. With scaling love, it definitely forms a good item to give as a gift as well.  A jewel or a gift with a personalized touch is always a great idea.

The Gemexi brings to you the option to order personalized jewelry. You may then wear the designs and type of jewels like pendants, rings, earrings and many other things. The team at Gemexi can also assist you and caters to your demands of the best possible designs that can be created with the semi precious stone-Danburite. 

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