Crinoid Fossil Jewelry

Why Crinoid Fossil Jewelry is Loved So Much

Crinoids are organisms that once existed in oceans. These organisms are classified as member of Crinoidea class and phylum Echinodermata. The word Crinoid comes from Greek words ‘Krinon’ meaning lily and ‘eidos’ meaning form. The crinoids used to look like plants but in reality they were invertebrate animal. The fossils of these ocean creatures can be discovered in dolomite and limestone and can be later transformed into adorable gems after going through the process of cutting and polishing. The various conditions surrounding these crinoid fossils can give them attractive colors like cream, brown, gray and pinkish color.

Important Facts Related to Crinoid Fossil

The crinoid fossil is loved and valued as an extremely passionate fossil for self expression. This valuable fossil is also believed to resolve breathing problems. The fossil is connected with heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye chakra. The crinoid fossils are believed to be protective. They are also believed to bring profusion in the life of its wearer.  

Significant Sources for Crinoid Fossil

Specifically, the crinoid fossils can be found in Indiana. Also, they can be discovered from deep seas all over the world

Fashionable Crinoid Fossil Jewelry Styles

The fossil’s beautiful shades of pink, gray and brown look even more attractive when the fossil is cut and polished into beautiful jewelry forms. The remains of crinoids are used to make mesmerizing gem beads and other jewelry items like pendant, rings etc. The jewelry made out of these fossil residues looks very charming, attractive and unique.

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