Creedite Jewelry

Why Creedite Jewelry is Loved & Coveted So Much

Creedite is known for its beauty as well as amazingly important powers. The stone is highly loved and respected because it holds high vibrational frequency. Because of its powers and high vibration frequency, the stone is revered as a powerful spiritual stone. Creedite is also believed to attract pleasure, cheerfulness and liveliness in its surrounding arena. This adorable crystal can be turned into beautiful and attractive pieces of jewelry. Creedite takes its name from the name of its place of discovery. It was discovered at Creede in Colorado, USA. It is a wonderful stone for those who wish to elevate that vibration and enhance wakefulness. 

Important Facts Related to Creedite

Creedite is not only a marvelous stone for jewelry but is also a great stone for spirituality and meditation. This beautiful gemstone, found in colorless form, white, violet, orange hues, is also helpful in fortifying the immune system. The gemstone is connected with the upper chakras and supports healing in the related areas. If you are looking for a gemstone that works as a great emotional and spiritual healer, Creedite can perfectly serve this purpose.  

Significant Sources for Creedite  

The significant sources of this gemstone include La Paz, Bolivia; Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan, Dzhezkazgan and Kazakhstan.

Beautiful Creedite Jewelry Styles

With its vitreous luster and beautiful hues like colorless, white, violet and orange, Creedite makes for a wonderful jewelry option. The creedite pendants, earrings and rings look quite appealing and emphatic. The diaphaneity of this stone is transparent to translucent and it measures 3.5 to 4 on Moh's scale in hardness. The creedite gemstone also promotes clarity in one’s spiritual communication.

Brilliant Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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Gemexi has got a wide, talented and experienced customer support service which helps in the easy and efficient jewelry customization process. We help our customers get suitable creedite jewelry which perfectly gels with their taste and requirement.

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