Copper Nugget Jewelry

Why Copper Nugget Jewelry Looks So Attractive

Copper looks beautiful in its own brown-red color. The metal is soft and thus, is melted down to make nuggets. Hence, copper nuggets are just copper lumps which hold a malleable character. The jewelry made out of these brown beauty nuggets looks quite trendy and alluring. The copper nuggets help build a better connection with the earth. They are also a good tool to work with metal elemental energies. Along with their common brown-red hue, these nuggets can also exude beautiful tinges of peach and pink. Copper is widely used as a healing metal in many therapies around the world.

Historical Facts Related to Copper

Copper is in use since ancient times. The copper nuggets are not only used for ornamental and decorative purposes but also find use in many rituals around the world. There is evidence that copper was used in magic in the Middle East. It is said and believed that this metal works with all the chakras and is helpful in drawing energies from higher kingdoms to the physical world. Also, copper was popular in the ancient Greek culture and was connected with the Greek Pagan God. 

Important Sources for Copper  

Copper is found all over the world. However, the main copper-producing countries include Chile, the U.S. (Michigan and Arizona), Peru, China, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Canada, Zambia, Poland, and Kazakhstan.

Fashionable Copper Nugget Jewelry Styles

copper nugget jewelry does not only look trendy and chic but also provides many other benefits as copper is believed to be helpful in synchronicity and communication. You can find beautiful alluring copper nugget jewelry in the form of copper nugget earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc. Many people use copper nugget jewelry to balance chakras.

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