Chalcedony Ring Collection

Emblematically, gifting rings is a mode of confiding to a long-standing romantic relationship. Among all jewelry, Chalcedony Rings for eternity have acted as an integral part to making an offer of marriage, engagements as well as admitting to loving. Gifting a Chalcedony ring clearly shows that a soul is ready for taking the next big step and face adventure in life. offers a vast collection of Chalcedony jewelry inclusive of latest & exclusive ring designs made with 925 sterling silver and gold plated silver jewelry. Chalcedony, a gemstone for the people born under the Zodiac sign Gemini holds a soothing white to light blue hues adds a glamor to the personality to the wearing person. An iconic Chalcedony ring speculated as a first choice of the sassy soul, as a gentle grayish-blue toned stone is a wonderful choice for classic, vintage, and up-to-the-minute jewelry designs. It is not startling that the gemstone of expressive and quick-witted, Gemini in this advanced age is becoming the latest trend or say the most popular choice as the betrothal band. In today's world, Chalcedony Rings are worn daily due to the belief that this stone brings many happy years in future life. As a promise gemstone, Chalcedony Rings can be gifted any day, on any occasion, whether for birthdays, anniversaries or as a wedding present to a friend.

Chalcedony and Chalcedony Rings in History

Chalcedony Rings have long been respected as the symbol of love, good luck, and inner serenity. In ancient history, Kings prefer to carry this charismatic Chalcedony along with them where ever they go, as contemplated as a shielding stone during travels. In ancient lore, it was believed that wearing the Chalcedony jewelry would increase the power of the wearer and allow him to win over evil and assist him to take the fair decisions. There is no particular occasion to gift Chalcedony ring if your beloved loved it's mesmerizing color then he/she would wear it. Baptized after an ancient town located along the banks of the Bosporus, chalcedony is a porous silica that too holds the inter-growths of quartz and Morganite minerals. The ancient records say the gemstone chalcedony was used for making cups and bowls along with knives and tools. The imprints of the Chalcedony usage were too seen in the stone-age, as the stone-age museum displays the weapons and tools made up of the chalcedony crafted by Early man. Legends eulogize the beautiful Chalcedony by portraying that its strong attributes help the wearing soul to find freedom along with the good luck.

People living in the today's modern world realize the beauty and cost-effectiveness in addition to its durability and variability, thus started crafting it in the alluring jewelry designs either in the shape of closed chains, rings, pendants, earrings or bracelets. A present of chalcedony is supposed to be emblematic of love and the wish for a loved one's safe travel and speedy return. Far from being merely a winter gemstone, the chalcedony, with its vividness and profusion of colors, is truly one for any time of year.

Chalcedony Colors

Today, Chalcedony's are highly desired and in high demand in the jewelry marketplace. Gemexi offers the multiple choices of Chalcedony Rings just to suit your taste, lifestyle and enhances your charismatic personality. Aside from bluish tinted Chalcedony, you can also explore pink, red as well as copper hue Chalcedony that is often banded with stripes. Gemexi that is acknowledged for its vast and unique collection too personalize the jewelry in addition to the bands and the stone color preference.

Gemexi's Exceptional Craftsmanship

Gemexi's creative and talented craftsman follows one simple rule to design the mesmerizing designs, and that is they do not consider jewelry just a piece of adornment. Our artist uses their craftiness to build each piece as forever memory to hold dear. The assortment of colors and milky luster of the Chalcedony gives a designer a pleasure to craft it into a beautiful design. The style of jewelry that jewewlexi presents showcase the mastery ofour craftsman as well as our keen observation to search out the best piece from the jewelry market of all over the globe. The milky blue hue of the stone chalcedony becomes a perfect match with blue jeans and Sundresses. No doubt that the beauty of blue is enhanced when matched with the sterling silver, the combination of both gives an elegant look with casual charm.

Gemexi's Ring Styles

Gemexi jewelry's broad and rich collection holds the range of classic vintage designs to the designs of the latest trend.

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