Natural orange cornelian (carnelian) 925 silver adjustable bangle d13320

Natural orange cornelian (carnelian) 925 silver adjustable bangle d13320

Item Code: D716-D13320

  • Model #D13320
  • Primary StoneCARNELIAN
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorORANGE
  • StyleBANGLE
  • Design PatternADJUSTABLE
  • Stone Weight (Ct)6.77
  • Weight (Gms)11.29
  • Size: (inch)2 - 2 1/8
  • Secondary StoneExotic


Like the blazing splendour that sun exhibits at dusk, or the first flash of autumn, Carnelian is the stone that too fascinates due to its luminosity and radiance. Acknowledged as the stone of courage, motivation, leadership, and endurance, Carnelian is inspiring and protecting the mankind since times immemorial. Carnelian is the stone of Quartz family and is the variety of an orange colored chalcedony. It has derived its name from a Latin word, which means “Flesh”. Carnelian has numerous ancient stories attached to it. In ancient times, it was strictly considered as the stone of noble or elite class. People who used to hold a social status were often buried with this stone. In ancient Egypt, Carnelian was called as the &ld...

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