Brucite Jewelry Collection

True fans of unique jewelry are always on the lookout of some exceptionally beautiful jewelry pieces that can add up to their styles as well as jewelry collection. The Brucite stone jewelry is one such option that will stimulate curiosity, excitement and glee in you the moment you glance at it! The pearly lustre and transparent-translucent appearance of the lovely brucite crystal jewelry will leave you awestruck with delight. Before you feel even more overwhelmed about the unique brucite crystal jewelry, let us take a closer look at Brucite gemstone! 

Brucite Gemstone - A Quick Intro

As an admirer of handmade brucite jewelry or natural brucite crystal, you must know that brucite comprises the mineral magnesium hydroxide. The presence of this mineral makes brucite look colorless or white. However, when other minerals are present with it, the brucite crystal can be found in shades of pink, red, pale green, grey and a few more shades. Interestingly, a lemon yellow-colored brucite gemstone has been discovered recently in Pakistan. The exuberant pearly lustre and interesting crystalline structures of this gem make it look quite attractive. Brucite is certainly a wonderful option for those who want to add unique jewelry or gemstone collectibles to their existing jewelry collections. 

Basic Information You Must Know While Exploring Brucite Jewelry Wholesale Options

Some of the basic facts that one must know while purchasing exceptionally beautiful handmade brucite jewelry or other types of brucite jewelry have been mentioned hereafter.
  1. •    Know the colors – The beautiful brucite is found in shades of blue, green, bluish-green, pink, red, brown-red, light green and yellow
  2. •    Know the fracture – It is fibrous.
  3. •    Know the hardness – It has a hardness of 2.5
  4. •    Cleavage – Brucite has a perfect cleavage (basal)
  5. •    The reason behind its name – Brucite is named after the American mineralogist Archibald Bruce who first discovered this crystal species.
  6. •    How it occurs – It occurs in low-temperature areas (serpentine, domolite and chloritic schists as well as the metamorphic limestones)
  7. •    Crystal structures of brucite – It is found in fibrous, tabular, platy, chunky and foliated crystal structures. 
  8. •    Refractive Index – The refractive index of brucite is 1.559-1.600
  9. •    The amazing luminescence – You can observe a lovely bluish white or pale green luminescence
  10. •    Know the transparency - Brucite is transparent to translucent.
  11. •    How brucite turns colorless – It turns colorless when seen in transmitted light. 
  12. •    Lustre – It has an attractive pearly/waxy to vitreous luster.

The Jewelry Use of Brucite

The beauty and lure of Brucite stone have made it popular in the jewelry world. However, nature has created brucite with care and henceforth, we humans also need to be quite careful while making or wearing handmade brucite jewelry or brucite silver jewelry. The most significant fact is that this crystal demands extreme care and cautiousness during the cutting process. In other words, cutting this crystal is not at all easy! It is considered extremely soft for jewelry purposes, though the raw brucite jewelry is still taking the world by storm! The specimens discovered at South Africa and Pakistan have shown that the most trustworthy and cuttable brucite stones come from these aforementioned sources. Nonetheless, brucite is also found at Canada, Russia, the USA, Spain, Turkey, and the Czech Republic. Brucite stone can be worn in form of yellow brucite jewelry, brucite silver jewelry, or as a magnificent sole piece in the form of a sterling silver brucite pendant or brucite ring. It is also worth mentioning that brucite’s spiritual properties and brucite healing properties have got extreme significance and respect around the world.

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