Auger Shell Jewelry

Why Auger Shell Jewelry is Adored & Coveted So Much  

Auger shell jewelry looks beautiful because it makes us feel relaxed with its calmness and refreshing beauty. It reminds us about nature and oceanic beauty. The auger shell is also popularly known as Terebridae. Auger shells contain lean, tall and conical shells with sharp spires and abundant whorls. The siphonal canals in these shells are short and contain notch at base. At the very first glance, these shells look like drilling screw and hence, have been called ‘Auger’. Actually, augers are sand dwelling carnivores which use a radular tooth for inducing venom in their prey. 

Historical References for Auger Shell

History shows evidence that the Auger shells have been loved and valued by various ancient cultures. The wearer of this shell is believed to feel connected with the water energies. Also, it is said that these shells help in conversing with oceans. Auger shells are also believed to trigger the intuition power of the wearer. The inner self can be well understood by wearing these shells. 

Important Sources for Auger Shell  

The Auger shells can be found at Germany, Florida gulf coast, Egypt, Pacific Ocean, China, England, Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River Valley and North America. This shell is also believed to activate heart chakra as well as the third eye chakra. 

Trendy Jewelry Styles with Auger Shell

Auger shells look beautiful when worked into fine pieces of jewelry. These shells originate in off white and light pink hues. These hues are followed by many other attractive colors including orange, brown, white, black and pink. These shells display a crystal habit in massive and granular form. They have the hardness of 2-3 on Mohs scale. You can find beautiful pendants, bracelets and other forms of jewelry made out of these awesome auger shells

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