Atlantisite Jewelry

Why Atlantisite Jewelry is Loved & Coveted So Much

Atlanitisite is comparatively a new gemstone in the world of gems. This gemstone is an awesome combination of two minerals. These two minerals are the green serpentine and the purple stichtite. The purple atlantisite appears as if it is the inclusion in serpentine. Atlantisite exhibits the beautiful properties of both these minerals and looks very unique in its beauty when worked into jewelry items. The gemstone is believed to provide healing support in heart, lungs and kidney problems. 

Historical References for Atlantisite

Atlantisite is believed to be a superb stone for meditation. It lets the wearer know about his past life. This gemstone is also considered to be a great crystal for the heart chakra. The stone is believed to enhance peace and relaxation in its surrounding atmosphere. The Atlantisite stone is also valued a lot in Feng Shui. As per Feng Shui, the stone brings peace, health and wealth to the house where it is kept. It is also said that Atlantisite helps in the better recognition of our inner self.

Source for Atlantisite

The trademarked term “Atlantisite” was provided by Gerald Pauley. Atlantisite hails from a particular mine in Tasmania.

Outstanding & Fashionable Atlantisite Jewelry Styles

Atlantisite, when worked into jewelry, looks very elegant yet glamorous. the waxy gleam of this gemstone looks very attractive and becomes even more dominating when combined with other jewelry elements. This green and purple Atlantisite jewelry can be teamed up wisely with many types of attire that complement the color and style of this jewelry. Atlantisite is a stable form of gem and therefore, it is quite popular in the jewelry industry. You may find Atlantisite jewelry in the form of eye-captivating Atlantisite pendants, Atlantisite rings, Atlantisite earrings, etc.

Amazing Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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