Aquatine Lemurian Calcite Jewelry Collection

Aquatine Lemurian Calcite is a beautiful gemstone that can be artistically used to make radiant sterling silver jewelry items. It is composed of calcium carbonate and can be distinguished by its aquatic blue color. Another variety of this stone known as Lemurian Indigo Calcite has a deep blue color. It is not just a beautiful stone but it also has numerous healing properties that make it an ideal women’s jewelry choice. You will find several interesting Aquatine Lemurian Calcite jewelry on our store. 

Where is Aquatine Lemurian Calcite Mined From

AquatineLemurian Calcite primarily originated from Argentina and till date, the largest deposits of this mineral is found in this South American continent. 

Metaphysical Properties of AquatineLemurian Calcite

Our store has a wide and unique Aquatine Lemurian Calcite jewelry collection that you will hardly find anywhere. But that’s not the only reason why you should buy AquatineLemurian Calcite jewelry. This gemstone is known to possess numerous healing properties. So if you are seeking to improve your life or add value to your relationships, this is a stone perfectly made for you. It is believed that not everyone can wear Aquatine Lemurian Calcite women’s jewelry. Actually, the gemstone is believed to seek its wearer and if it seeks you, you are truly lucky. Wearing this stone you will find answers about yourself and how you should lead your life. The stone also helps you connect to the higher spirits. The stone connects to the heart, third eye, and crown chakra and brings balance. Aquatine Lemurian Calcite helps deal with negative energies such as fear, worry, stress, and anxiety

Especially Designed for You

It isn’t easy to shop for AquatineLemurian Calcite online estimating the authenticity of the gemstone, the quality of craftsmanship and judging its value for money can all be very daunting tasks. But when you shop from Gemexi you can be assured of a few things. We have the best artisans working with us who have been in the jewelry and gemstone industry for decades. This means that every jewelry item is a piece of art and designed just for jewelry connoisseurs like you. You will find below listed a variety of Aquatine Lemurian Calcite pendants that have been exclusively designed using sterling silver. 

Assurance of Quality and Customer Care

Whenever you buy from Gemexi you can be assured of quality. We pay huge attention to details and our craftsmen painstakingly craft every jewelry item. Not only that, but you can also trust our excellent customer care executives who are constantly working towards improving your shopping experience with us. Whether it is a query regarding a particular gemstone or the quality of gemstone used or the value for money, you can ask us anything and we will try to resolve your issues. Moreover not only can you shop for individual items on our platform but also place wholesale orders. We have various offers for our wholesale buyers. We ship internationally and deliver to your doorstep at the earliest. 

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