Almandine Jewelry Collection

Why To Fall in Love with Almandine Jewelry

Almandine is a beautiful stone. It is the most common yet hardest variety of Garnet. Generally, it is found in opaque form which is rather unsuitable for gemstone use. But when the stone is available in transparent and translucent versions, it can be worked into adorable jewelry items. Most of the almandine exuberate attractively rich and dark colors which range from pure deep red to red-brown hues. The pure dark red variety of Almandine is valued a lot all over the world. Specifically, the stone is called Almandine garnet for business purposes. The stone also holds several important energies and powers apart from its beauty factor.

Historical References for Almandine

The birthstone for the month of February and a zodiac stone for Aquarians, Almandine is believed to provide a realistic picture of the world to its wearer. During the early times, this stone was used as a protection stone also. Almandine also holds the power of bringing liveliness, action and fervor in the life of its wearer.

Significant Sources for Almandine  

Important sources for this stone include Sri Lanka, Australia, USA, India, Madagascar, China, and Brazil.  

Unique Almandine Jewelry Styles

Almandine jewelry looks special and appealing in its own style. The fine quality Almandines are used in all sorts of jewelry and make fabulous earrings, pendants, rings, and much more. The Almandine stones which exhibit relatively less quality are used in bracelets or necklaces in form of beads and cabochons.

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