Alabaster Jewelry

Reasons That Make You Love Alabaster Jewelry

Alabaster is a massive fine grained form of Gypsum. This astonishingly lovely stone is available in white hue and can sometimes be found in black and grey color also. The white color alabaster represents the stone’s purest variety which is also translucent. The presence of impurities in this valuable stone gives rise to colors like brown, black or yellow in patches. The alabaster stone can be transformed and carved into delightful jewelry items. The stone is also known as a drawing stone as it is believed that Alabaster draws various things to its wearer as per his or her needs in life.

Historical References for Alabaster Jewelry

There are proofs that the Alabaster was carved and used by the ancient Chinese and Greeks also. The stone is named after Alabaster, an Egyptian town. The alabaster carvings have been found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. The stone is believed to be helpful to combat problems of hormonal imbalance. It is also believed that the stone rescues its wearer from emotional explosion. The stone is also regarded as a helpful stone to combat anger. Those who wish to ease their anxiety can also use this stone as it provides help by controlling anxiety and uneasiness.

Significant Sources for Alabaster  

Important sources for Alabaster stone include Italy, England, Mexico, United States of America.

Pleasant Jewelry Styles of Alabaster

The alabaster stone is porous and therefore, can be dyed easily. It can be given different shapes and patterns in order to turn into fine pieces of jewelry. The stone is also used in sculptures and pottery apart from its jewelry use. You can use alabaster jewelry to enhance your beauty and at the same time can get connected with spirituality in a better way as the stone is believed to be connected with spirituality.  

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