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Turquoise is a gemstone that looks dazzling and is considered an ultimate possession for any gemstone hoarder. But if your dream to own a turquoise is still far off, for now, you should consider Howlite, a gemstone that has amazing metaphysical properties and on the exterior looks a lot like Howlite. This gemstone is most popularly dyed blue to resemble turquoise. It is also dyed red to resemble Coral. The beauty of Howlite is that its light veining structure makes it look a lot like Turquoise and in many cases also like Coral. That’s the reason why it can so easily be dyed and duplicated to be a Turquoise or Coral.
Howlite is essentially composed of hydrous calcium borate and has cauliflower-like heads. This mineral is often found in the colors white or light grey while the veins, which can look like a spider web, are grey, brown or black in color. It is mostly opaque and porous by nature. Howlite is known by many names – Sacred Buffalo, White Buffalo, White Turquoise, Lapis Howlite, Kaolinite and also Boro Calcite.  

Howlite was first mined from Nova Scotia’s Windsor in 1868 by a Canadian geologist, chemist, and mineralogist called Henry How. It has also been found in other locations in Canada such as Newfoundland and New Brunswick. The gemstone is found in other countries as well, such as the USA, Germany, Russia, Namibia, Mexico, Turkey, and Pakistan. 

Though it is most commonly sold as a substitute for Turquoise and even Coral, it has pretty strong metaphysical powers that make it a worthy stone in itself. It is called the stone of awareness. It leads a wearer towards a path of enlightenment and wisdom. It is believed that the stone is an especially helpful tool for meditation. It is believed that regularly using this stone also helps relieve stress and worry. 

Healing Properties

Awareness about yourself and about your surroundings is very important. If you are itching to become aware of yourself then try using Howlite so as to feel the difference for yourself. As an awareness stone, Howlite helps to remain calm and composed even during the most stressful times. It allows you to deal with anger, frustration and other such issues far more calmly. 

Physical Healing – Often we do not realize that overthinking and stressing causes us discomfort and is the actual cause of physical illness. If you too have been suffering from physical illness such as lack of sleep, using this stone can be helpful. When you are too tired and remain disoriented because you have been having too many sleepless nights, this stone can be used to improve your sleeping pattern. The stone is also known to help fight bone-related diseases like osteoporosis. It helps to balance the calcium levels in one’s body and helps to evenly distribute nutrients all over the body. Much like Celestite, Howlite works to improve the condition of the endocrine and the circulatory system. It also improves the skin. If you are suffering from ADHD or learning disabilities, keeping this stone can help. 
Emotional Healing – One of the biggest advantages of Howlite is that it helps fight stress and anxiety. Howlite exudes positive vibes which helps you become positive. The stone helps the mind energize itself by strengthening your resolve and turning your weaknesses into your inspiration. Since the energy blockages that make you weak and powerless are opened, you get in a better position to communicate. You can express yourself freely and far more effectively. If you are especially stressing about your relationships, Howlite can help you see the positives in your life. Keeping the stone close by helps you become more contended in life. If you have an inclination towards finding faults in anybody, the stone will stop you from doing so. Its positive energies will percolate inside you and make you see the good in everybody. It is particularly believed that keeping the stone close by while sleeping helps in strengthening the emotional condition of a person. 

Spiritual Healing – Howlite largely helps during your daily meditation routine. The stone helps calm and soothe the senses, especially when you are meditating. If you are agitated and disturbed with your surroundings then keeping this stone close to you can help. The stone calms, relaxes and eases inner awareness. You will feel a deep sense of serenity and peace once you use this stone. Your inner journey of self-awareness is heightened thanks to the stone. Moreover the stone also helps to connect to the higher realms of spirituality.
Chakra Healing – Howlite is strongly associated with the Crown Chakra. The stone awakens a thirst within oneself taking you onto a journey of spirituality and knowledge. Since it aligns with the crown chakra it also enhances the memory. Keeping the stone close to the third eye, especially while meditating helps to heighten awareness and consciousness. You can truly feel enlightened because of this stone.    

Howlite Facts

  • Howlite is a hydrous calcium borate composed mineral
  • It has a cauliflower-like beads
  • Mostly found in white and grey colors
  • Known by many names - Sacred Buffalo, White Buffalo, White Turquoise, Lapis Howlite, Kaolinite and also Boro Calcite
  • Known as a poorer replica of Turquoise
  • When dyed color green-blue it looks a lot like Turquoise
  • Commonly sold as White Turquoise
  • Is also replicated as Coral when dyed the color red
  • Was discovered by Henry How in 1868 in Canada's Windsor in Nova Scotia
  • Is considered to be a calming stone
  • Is highly beneficial during meditation
  • Helps restore sleep, also helps treat osteoporosis

Metaphysical Properties

There are numerous ways in which Howlite helps a person mentally, physically and spiritually. It is a stone that heightens our senses, makes us more aware of our inner self, keeps us calm and composed and helps mend relationships. The stone is a healer and has a calming effect. You can actually feel the difference made by the stone especially after meditating with it on a regular basis. 

Howlite In News

Howlite Color

Howlite is mostly found in the color white which is why it is also known as White Turquoise. It can also be found in shades of grey.

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  • Zodiaccapricorn
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