Grass Garnet

Grass Garnet - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Garnets have always impressed millions of people around the world. It is worth mentioning that there are few varieties of this amazing precious stone which simply leave you fascinated. Grass Garnet or grossular garnet is one such fine example for the same. Grass Garnet actually consists of calcium aluminum silicate. 

The stone is valued a lot for its amazing healing and metaphysical benefits. It symbolizes optimism, strength and various other things too. The green shade in Grass Garnet is considered as a symbol of growth and prosperity. Because of its rich green grass-like shade, this stone has been rightly named as Grass garnet. The name Grass Garnet has been taken from the Latin word meaning gooseberries. This is so because its specimens also contain a light shade of green that resembles the shade of berries. 

Healing Properties

• Chakra & Element – The Grass Garnet works wonderfully on your heart as well as root chakra. The element for which these stone works is “Fire.”

• Enhances fertility – Those who are facing issues related to fertility and sexuality can find help from Grass Garnet as this stone helps enhance your power and capability related to sexual effectiveness and fertility. 

• Providing protection and love – It is also believed that this stone gives you protection from various negative effects. Also, it fills your life with warmth, love, and kindness. 

• Helps remove anger – Use this stone to say goodbye to anger. It takes away anger from you and sends it to the universe so that you stay safe from the negative effects of anger. 

• Brings back confidence – Those who feel that they lack confidence or those who have lost confidence due to some reason can consider using Grass Garnet as this stone helps fetch confidence. 

• Enhances spiritual prosperity – Use grass garnet to elevate levels of improvement in spirituality learning.

• Helps in lawsuits – Those who are going through any sort of lawsuits can benefit from using this stone as it helps to get some positive energy during such situations. 

• Provides positive energies – Keep this stone with you to experience positive energy around you.

Grass Garnet Facts

• Grass garnet has very attractive green shade that resembles the lush green grass.
• The stone is known for providing abundance, prosperity and positive energy. 
• Grass garnet contains beautiful and attractive green inclusions which look like grass.
• It is also famous for utilizing artistic energy in the most suitable way. 
• The stone helps you create balance between physical and spiritual levels. 
• Grass Garnet is also symbolized as a wonderful stone of power and strong emotions. 
• Grass garnet is a highly coveted stone when it comes to jewelry. At present, the stone is used for making lovely pieces of jewelry. While you enjoy your awesome looks with this exceptionally beautiful looking jewelry, you also get to enjoy the immense healing effects of this lovely stone.


Metaphysical Properties

• Works on chakra centers – Raising the various pious energies, grass garnet works effectively on the centers of chakras. Thereby, it helps in removing tension from the wearer. 

• Helpful in various physical problems – Using this stone can provide good and effective healing results in problems related to kidneys, skin, injuries, and rheumatism. 

• Helps remove pain – The stone is also believed for providing help in removing any sort of bodily pain. 

• Helps women in many ways – It is said that using this stone during the time of menstruation and childbirth can bring positive results.

Grass Garnet Color

This enthralling precious stone called Grass Garnet can range in shades from dark green to light green, dark and pale shades of yellow, golden, brown and red. However, it is worth mentioning that mostly it is found in the mixed shade of brown and green where brown forms the background with dark green colored inclusions. 

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