Geode Druzy - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

A stunning creation of the Mother Nature, Geodes holds the exceptional, unique energy that not only enhances the charisma of the soul but too advance the overall strength of the body. Quartz, Amethyst as well as citrine are some of the crystals that come in the form of Geodes. The healing potential of the Geodes assists the soul to catch the impressions of life and understand the happenings of the surrounding world in order to make the correct decisions and take the life to the next level to attain opulence. It too helps to shape the future and enhance the communication skills to make a strong connection with the spirits of the cosmos. On the metaphysical ground, Geodes is predisposed to help the wearing soul to bridge the communication gap with the Higher Deity. It too contributes to bridging communication for the soul’s involved in the healing fields like astral travel. The potent vibes of the Geodes make it a great nugget for meditation and distressing. It is soothing to the overall body, including inner energies to support the psychic vision and spirituality. The healing attributes of the Geode Druzy assist in the curing of disorders related to nervous system and lungs in addition to muscles. The energetic vibes of the nugget contemplated as a beautiful gem for families, thus since ages have been kept at homes as it brings harmony in relationships. The charismatic hues of the Geode Druzy assessed for invigorating creativity along with the consonance and Concord. Further, since ages people place large Geode Druzy at their homes to stimulate the energy flow, especially the chi flow in the overall surroundings. Geode Druzy likewise holds the potential to cleanse the aura as well as recharge the emanation, milieu, and propinquity. The sum total of the energies infused in the alluring Geode Druzy makes the wearer fervid and profound. Another unknown, dark side of this magnetizing Druzy is that it personifies the divine feminine aspect of the soul when worn. The enclosed space within the Geode Druzy represents the womb of a female, thus believed to hold the feminal energies that make the wearing soul modest. Habitually regarded to be associated with all the elements of nature, it activates all the chakras of the body as well as beneficial for all the astrological signs. When we talk about its occurrence, then its tiny sparkling nuggets originally grew over another gemstone or matrix. Once in a while, Geode Druzy is the floater clusters that have no attachment to a matrix previously. Ancient lore says that light and joy can be brought to life and into the environment if Druzy cluster is kept close. Knowing the healing attributes of this enthralling gem nugget, people, including ancestors deduced that its energies too brings harmony to the groups. Geode Druzy holds the vibes and potentials that are genuinely helpful for evoking spirituality, spiritual worship as well as Lightwork. Similar to other types of gem rocks, these Geodes too empower the vitality and energy of other gemstones. Furthermore, the worshipers of the deity believe that if this magnetic Geodge is kept at a particular place, then it not only cleans the atmosphere but too invites the spirits and angels of the cosmos.  Often spelled as Drussy, druse or drusies, Geode Druzy is a tiny quartz crystal that is formed either on the surface or within other stones. Geodes Druzy is developed in a small excavation, a void within the earth that are created by the animals or say by the depressions left by the roots of the tree.The formation of this beguiling nugget is natural as when the water that is lying in the womb of the mother nature often carrying the dissolved particles of the Silica is forced into porous rock, and then rapid cooling takes place, forming the tiny crystals named as Druzy on the surface of the rock. Further, these clear Druzy is often formed on the top of the previously deposited (minerals) gem. The entire process took millions of years; boffins believes that the specimens of this gorgeous Geode Druzy are over 250 million years old. Geode Druzy is acknowledged to boost up the vigor and infuse vivacity, augments the feeling of security by reducing enervation. Geodes can be differentiated from other Druzy as they hold plain (unattractive) appearance. The word ‘Geode’ is invented from the Greek term that means ‘shape of the Mother Earth.' Geode Druzy got its name due to its natural and circular Earth-like formations. However, most of them occur in the oblong shape. Often known to be extracted from all around the globe, it is mostly rooted out from the desert and volcanic regions. Abundantly they are found in the regions of the America such as California, Illinois, Utah and Iowa in addition to Nevada, Arizona, Missouri and Kentucky. Geode Druzy crop up in a wide range of hues, depending on the type of gem nugget within. Characteristically, Geode Druzy contains nearly colorless quartz, but the crystals present within it too proffers its color’s out to make it distinctive. The various tints of the Geode Druzy too make it a potent healer. Further, the unique patterns of its natural surface likewise acknowledged heightening the brilliance of the inner soul along with the overall torso. The clarity of the stone is marked according to the type of the gem present within it. Furthermore, the Cryptocrystalline growths of this alluring Druzy often holds the translucent look, but at times too shows the opaque gleam as well as it also possesses waxy to dull luster. Now, the Macrocrystalline quartz growths of the Druzy are generally proffers out a transparent to translucent glance with a vitreous luster.


Where is Geode Druzy found?

Abundantly they are found in the regions of the America such as California, Illinois, Utah and Iowa in addition to Nevada, Arizona, Missouri and Kentucky.

Healing Properties

The great diversity of the colors, as well as patterns in the Geode Druzy, make it a most alluring and potent healer. Aside from the color and pattern, the gem present in it too radiates out its healing vibes for mending the issues of the wearing soul. Since ages, Geode Druzy has been considered to possess the powers that are strong enough to heal the overall physical body along with emotional and spiritual torso. The zips of this charismatic Druzy helps the soul to experience as well as see the situations of the lifespan from the different point of views. Geode Druzy likewise assists the wearer in shaping the future and leading a prosperous life ahead. It too holds the potential to bridge the communication gap between the spirits of the cosmos and self. It also clears the intellect and the intellective soul for attaining the desired meditation state as well as learn to meditate skillfully. Geode Druzy is particularly powerful in releasing out the stress from the intellectual and emotional body in order to strengthen the inner soul for attaining spirituality. On the general ground, Geode Druzy is the most noticeable gem that holds the remarkable healing attributes. Further, it not only balances and equilibrate the overall body within the surrounding but likewise grounds the distressing heart and protects it from the negative energies present in the milieu. Often assessed as a calming gem rock, the protective vibes of the Geode Druzy tends to enhance creativity as well as intellect. Accredited as a lucky stone, Geode Druzy boosts up the energy as and when required. Deemed as a conversation Druzy, its vibes make the firm connection with the divine as well as enhance the longevity. Appraised as a protective stone, Geode Druzy makes the person emotionally strong and bestow the courage in addition to the strength and self-confidence by dispelling out the fear. The attributes of the stone contemplated best for healing out the anxiety as well as the feeling of stress and loneliness. On the physical ground, this appealing Druzy helps to cure the tooth and gum problems along with the stomach issues. It too treats the matters such as insomnia and give physical endurance. The reverberating energies of the each Geode Druzy help in self-healing; it too infuse the power to mend the emotional and intellectual issues with the help of strong meditation power. It also increases the knowledge of the wearing individual in order to learn to pacify self and come out of the discomforting situations. On the metaphysical ground, the Geode Druzy purifies the inner soul as well as amplify the abilities to heal the overall body naturally. It likewise strengthens the spirit and presumed to provide the balance that is required to shun the depression or the aberrant feelings of trepidation. It keeps the wearing person relaxed and stress-free, as its re-energizing vibes uplift the emotional and intellectual body. Ancient people believed that the energetic vibes of this stone too open up the blocked energies as well as align all the chakras to maintain equilibrium with the surroundings. Furthermore, the vibrations of this Geode Druzy aids the wearing individual to find his inner light that guides him to take the path that leads to opulence and serenity. The zips of the stone assist the soul to connect on all levels, especially the higher levels that hold, the higher power. It likewise strengthens the immune system of the soul along with the immune and reproductive system. The alluring tints of the stone believed to treat the infections and make the overall body strong. Aside from aligning the chakras of the body, Geodes offers the positive energies to enhance the wearers frequency. It too balances the yin/yang energies of the wearing person and help to achieve self-acceptance in addition to self-confidence.


Physical Healing:

The shining tiny Geodes holds both push and pull energy that contributes to maintaining the overall body of the wearer along with his inner spirit. The charismatic Geode Druzy holds the potential to raise the physical strength of the wearer as well as enhance his visual aspects. The energetic vibes of the stone are too contemplated to heal bones by treating the bone and cartilage issues. Thus, the potent vibrations of this tiny Druzy crystals speculated to improve the posture as well. It too mends the issues related to teeth in addition to the joints. Further, assessed to treat the overall physical troubles the vibrant vibes and hues of this alluring Geodes helps to maintain the body weight by boosting up the healthy eating habits. It likewise mends the physical body by releasing the toxins from the physical torso. Moreover, it triggers the metabolic rate or activity to release the excess body weight and gain the perfect shape. The beautiful tints of the Geode Druzy kindle the functioning and working of the endocrine system in order to improve the digestive system. Furthermore, Geodes treats the issues of liver and pancreas in addition to the gall-bladder. It enhances the digestion of the body and maintain the proper health. It is also known to heal the symptoms of inefficient learning by treating CFS and depression reasons in addition to the lethargy. Additionally, recognized to determine the energies of the overall body by absorbing the off-putting and excess energies.  It too stores the constructive energies by releasing out the pessimistic vibes. Thus, these positive vigor or forces are thought to convey the life forces in order to enhance the organs of the body by scavenging them and equilibrating the overall torso. The glittering hues of the Geode Druzy reinforce the immune system by assimilating the vitamins and minerals. It likewise detoxifies the blood and mends the malfunctioning of the arteries, veins and nerves along with the arterioles and venules of the heart. Aside from healing the reproductive system, it too mends the sexual troubles faced by wearing individual irrespective of their sex.  Acknowledged as a potent healer, it also reduces the scar marks and cleans the skin. It reduces wrinkles and endorses soft complexion by soothing burns and reducing the blistering when rubbed lightly.



Emotional Healing:


Clairvoyants or say the people who hold the strong intuitive abilities believes that the healing potential of the Geode Druzy can open up the blocked energies of the inner soul. Further, support the wearing individual to find the inner light and connect with the spiritual powers of the cosmos. It is too predisposed to align all the chakras and help the soul to connect on all levels, especially to the higher powers. Assessed to rest the soul, as the radiating vibes of the Geode Druzy proffer the calming and soothing vibes all around. The energies of this alluring gem nugget make the wearing person stress free, as its vibrations roots out the negativity from within and allow the flow of positivity inside the inner spirit. It too provides the clear thinking by helping one to achieve the desired meditative state. Getting through the inner chambers of the Crown Chakra, it is thought to heal those divisions of the mind that relate the conscious and the consciousness of an individual concerned with perceptions of integrity and separation. It releases out the sorrows along with the worries and fears. It offers the deep sense of belongingness by building up a new foundation of energy. Acknowledged as a constructive gem, Geode Druzy is traditionally used to infuse hope in addition to the optimistic approach towards life. It releases the negative emotions of the past and allow the soul to accept the life as it is as well as help to see life with a different prospective. Aside from wiping out the emotional stress from the body, Geodes are too acceridted to release them out from the surrounding aura.


Spiritual Healing:

Geode Druzy is considered as a spiritual guide for the wearing individual, thus, assist the soul to reach the spiritual destinations by experiencing the energies residing in the cosmos. The vibes of the stone too clarify the channels in order to let the divine messages pass to and fro from the inner self to the higher spiritual powers. Moreover, known to grant the devic realization Geode help the wearing soul to decode the mental or say spiritual information that is encoded by the spiritual forces. It promotes the dissolution of anger, fear and mistrust, and brings the healing light, throws a new promise and religious belief in the magnanimity of the world. As this stone activates the crown and the human Heart Chakra, it also unites with the world and the Universe. Buddhists and priests call this gleaming Geode Druzy  “the essence of being” through which the wearing soul connects with his innermost part of the ego.

Heals and Balances Chakra

The vibrant and vibrating energies of the gem, Geode Druzy accredited to enhance the Crown Chakra of the body that is related to the enlightenment in addition to the spirituality and many other things. The Crown Chakra that is often known as the flower blooming flower of the life that is simple to live if understood. The activated crown chakra and the energies of this charismatic Geode allow all the chakras to get aligned and receives the signals of the surrounding aura that in turn makes the living simple. The seventh chakra aka Crown Chakra holds the potential to make a strong connection with the spirits of the cosmos as well as assist in the communication with the spiritual nature. Often referred to a GOD source, Geodes energies make the spiritual connection and evokes the spirituality. 

Geode Druzy Facts

The hardness of the Geode Druzy measures 6.7 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

The refracted index of the Geode ranges from 1.530 to 1.540

The Density of the Geode is 2.60  that goes to 2.64

When to talk about the Double Refraction / Birefringence of the Geode then it is up to 0.004

The Crystal System of Geode Druzy is Trigonal

The Density of Geode is measured as 2.65

Dispersion of Geode Druzy is .013

Metaphysical Properties

Geodes Druzy is developed in a small excavation, a void within the earth that are created by the animals or say by the depressions left by the roots of the tree.

The establishment of this beguiling nugget is natural as when the water that is resting in the uterus of the mother nature carrying the dissolved molecules of the Silica is forced into a porous stone, and then rapid cooling takes place, forming the tiny crystals named as Druzy on the impressions of the rock.

 Further, these clear Druzy is often made along the upper side of the previously deposited (minerals) gem.

The total process took millions of years; boffins believes that the specimens of this gorgeous Geode Druzy are over 250 million years old.

Geode Druzy is acknowledged to boost up the energy and infuse vivacity, augments the feeling of security by reducing enervation.

Geodes can be distinguished from other Druzy as they hold dull appearance.

The word ‘Geode’ is invented from the Greek term that means ‘shape of the Mother Earth.'

Color: Geode Druzy is found in almost all colors as well as multicolor and banded

Found: Geode Druzy is extracted from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Peru in general but is too rooted out from the regions of all over the globe.

Geode Druzy Color

Multicolored Geode Druzy are too bandedgeode druzy color

  • CleavageNone
  • Other NamesDrussy, druse or drusies, Geode
  • Crystal HabitMiarolitic cavity
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.530 - 1.540
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6.5 - 7
  • SourcesPeru, Democratic Republic of Congo, Worldwide
  • Chemical formulaSiO2 Silicon Dioxide
  • LustreVitreous
  • Colormulti-coloured and banded
  • Chakra HealingCrown Chakra
  • Birthstone
  • Zodiac
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