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When you will first look at this cute stone called the Dalmatian stone, you will feel delighted at the fact that how God has created so many amazing things with unique patterns and other attractions. Well, to begin with, the stone gets its name from the Dalmatian breed of dogs which has the same pattern as the stone has. The striking resemblance of this stone to the Dalmatian dogs is the chief reason why this stone is called so. This stone mainly consists of quartz and feldspar. The spots on the surface of this stone are actually tourmaline, iron oxide and few other minerals.

The most interesting quality of this stone is that it awakens the child inside us. If you have been very strict and always keep on analysing thing, this stone will help you take off some of your burden and seriousness so that you can feel lighter and a little careless to enjoy life in a new and happy way.

Healing Properties

The Dalmatian stone is a source of many types of healing properties. Let us take a look at the most important healing properties of Dalmatian stone.

It enhances childlike playfulness and zeal – The most significant healing property of this amazing stone is that it let you go off your worries. The childlike excitement, joy, and curiosity get stimulated inside you and you start taking life in a light and carefree manner. You think less about your problems and focus more on happiness. You start taking delight in every small reason for joy. You do not get disappointed by the difficult tasks and move on in life in a smooth and positive manner just like a little child.

It stimulates joy and excitement within you – By using the Dalmatian stone, you can invite happiness within you. Not only will you look happy outside but of course, you will feel happy deep within. Moreover, this happiness is permanent and doesn’t disappear even when the reason for the same has faded away. Thus, people who stay depressed and sad, Dalmatian can work as a wonderful attitude changer.

It has a soothing effect on kids & animals – Use this spotted and lovely stone to bring a calming and relaxing effect on your children. You will see a change in your kids’ attitude that will be improved in a positive way. You can also use this stone to bring a relaxing effect on your pet.

It is advantageous for the over analytical people – Do you think that you are always over analyzing things without even a solid reason? Such attitudes when continued can double your stress with time which is not at all a good sign. Thus, to lessen your overall analytical attitude, you can use the Dalmatian stone which will help you think less about your problems and will stop you from analyzing things again and again!

It is considered to stimulate various Chakras – Dalmatian Stone is also considered as a useful and efficient stone when it is about the stimulation of various Chakras. The stone works mainly on the Earth chakra, the Base Chakra and the Sacral chakra. When these chakras are stimulated in the right way using the Dalmatian stone, you find a solution for many of your existing problems. For example, you do not stay sad, you do not get stuck thinking about some problem and so on.
It contains a wonderful grounding energy – The Dalmatian stone is full of significant and useful grounding energy. Using this grounding energy of Earth, you can strengthen your bonds with family members and can enhance the feeling of loyalty for them. You can become more supportive and cooperative for your family members. 
It invokes a sense of happiness - Dalmatian stone is considered as a very suitable option for emotional healing. It is said and believed to possess significant emotional healing energy. The stone can be of great use to those people who think that life is stagnant and full of various loads and worries. Using this stone, such people will start observing happiness in their lives again. Also, using the Dalmatian stone, they will be able to take life as a blessing instead of taking it as a burden. When one starts using the Dalmatian stone, the sense of humor also gets stimulated and happiness arrives naturally.  
It gives you emotional strength – People who feel weak emotionally can benefit from the Dalmatian stone as it helps fortify the emotional side of a person. The Dalmatian stone works as a wonderful emotional healer and helps heal emotional issues and provides a calming effect on its user.
It contains useful energies for Feng Shui - Dalmatian Stone is considered a great stone to be used in Feng Shui. It contains the energy of Mother Earth. It is this energy which helps us get the right levels of tolerance, honest paths, permanence, and ingenuity. In other words, it is the energy that we find in our homes and on the ground upon which we live.
It is a helpful tool for meditation –
This stone is very helpful for those who want to meditate but are unable to do so because of some reason like lack of concentration, lack of dedication or something else. Dalmatian stone is a very effective and important option when it comes to meditation. Using this stone, you can do meditation in a very calm, suitable and absolutely focused way. It is also helpful to hold this stone in hands as it promotes calmness. It instills inner soothing and let you feel relaxed. It gives you a new perspective where you are ready to accept the negativity of life and still see hope in it.

Dalmatian Facts

Let us now discuss some of the interesting and important facts related to this stone.
· The stone is used by those who want to say goodbye to their smoking habit. It is well recognized as an anti-smoking stone that helps you leave the habit of smoking.
· The stone is considered to fortify your determination and will power.
· It is also used by those who want to strengthen their relationships and family loyalty.
· The stone is also used at workplaces as it helps enhance coordination and cooperation among the various members of a team.
· It has a striking resemblance with the Dalmatian breed of dogs.
· The Dalmatian stone is also helpful in removing the unwanted fear of dogs.
· This stone can also stimulate love and kindness for animals.
· The stone is also believed to induce good sleep in kids and is also beneficial to stop nightmares.
· It is considered as a great stone for pets also. It is quite helpful in the healing as well as training of your pet animals.
· By carrying this stone, one can convert his pet-love into an absolute profession related to animals.


Metaphysical Properties

Dalmatian stone is helpful and beneficial for those who combat skin related problems. The various irritations, infections, and inflammation of the skin can be sorted out with the help of this attractive looking stone.

The stone is also said to have a very positive effect on the muscles. Hence, those who complain about muscle pain or other muscle issues like sprain, weakness in muscles, etc. can gain positive results in the muscle-related issues using this beautiful stone.
It is said that the Dalmatian Stone contains inclusions of Tourmaline that helps remove any negative vibes. Thus, using this stone, one can keep negativity away and create a positive environment. Also, the stimulation of nerves can be achieved in an apt manner by using this spotted stone. If you feel that your reflex action is not as quick as it should be, you should try to use the Dalmatian stone as it is believed to improve the reflex response of its user.
The stone is considered quite well for stomach disorders also. Issues like poor digestion, constipation, irregular bowel movements, and other such minor stomach problems can be addressed well with the help of Dalmatian stone.
It is important to mention that if we have a robust immunity, we will be able to stay healthier and happier. On the contrary, weak immunity invites many diseases. Thus, having a strong immune system is quite essential. If you believe in the same, you can fortify your immune system by using the Dalmatian stone as it has a very positive impact on the immunity.

Dalmatian In News

Dalmatian Color

Now let us discuss the color of this beautiful stone called the Dalmatian Stone. It contains beautiful soft colors including the light gray, off-white and brownish beige hues. These colors bring a cool and soothing effect to the Dalmatian stone.

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