Color Change Apatite

Color Change Apatite - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

The colors of the gemstones are one important factor that makes a whole lot of difference to the eyes. Especially, the colors like the green, blue, yellow have a green demand in the market and are also known to bring good results in the life of the people using them. Now we all know that each gemstone according to the color, composition and various other properties are related to various zodiac signs as per the birth chart. So, people use different gemstone crystals as per their birth time and date get to use some specifies gemstones. Using the gemstones for various purposes has come from long back, wherein people believed in their powers solely.

One such powerful and precious gemstone is the ‘Color change apatite’. The word ‘Apatite’ is derived from a Greek word Apate which has a meaning ‘Deceit’. The apatite gemstone basically belongs to phosphate mineral group. Now the question that would come into your mind is what is color change apatite? Well, most of the crystals and gemstones tend to generate reflective light patterns when exposed to proper light. In the same manner, the apatite shows various color patterns when seen under light. Go through more information about the apatite gemstone in here.

Healing Properties

Like we already said, this stone is just simply not known for its beauty alone. Here is the list of the healing properties of this gemstone which will never fail to impress you even more.

  • Your encouraging partner -
    There are people that need some moral support in order to reach their goals with ease. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with this kind of support; hence, nature provides us with the much needed support system. To all those of you who are looking for some support and encouragement the apatite is the right one for you.
  • Clear vision of the future -
    Life comes with different choices and it is sometimes difficult for people to choose from among them. This usually happens because all the opportunities seem to be best ones. Sometimes, it might also happen that you might all of sudden experience road blocks and hurdles in your way to reach the set up goal. This should not be hindrance for you people from achieving the aimed target. The apatite gemstone helps you by clearing away all the hindrances that you might be facing in your way for long.
  • Determination -
    There is just one life and it is worth to take all the risk in order to achieve what is considered to be hard and impossible. To all of you who are lacking some determination, hope and self-confidence, the apatite gemstone can do wonders. It will drive you with new hopes and help you stay focused and determined about reach the heights.
  • Enlighten and activate the divine chakras -
    It is not a cake walk to activate the divine chakras in the human body. It takes a lot to get them connected. But the apatite gemstone brown color can be used to do it. The brown or the heart shaped apatite gemstone when placed on the heart of the person is said to active the heart chakra, the most crucial and divine chakra. With this you can feel the flow of all the divine energy in the bod
  • Treats bodily troubles -
    There are some bodily problems that are hard to get rid of like the cellulite issues on the skin. It is one of the most embarrassing skin conditions due to which a lot of people complain and start losing self-confidence. No worries, because the apatite gemstone is going to look through this trouble of yours.
  • Spiritual attachment -
    Are you finding it difficult to connect with the divine power and get the peace that you always wanted? Peace in this world can be attained with the help of the apatite gemstone.
  • No more less levels of activeness -
    Some children are seen to come into the world with lesser activity levels when compared to other normal kids. This is definitely pain to the parent. It no longer has to be the same because the apatite gemstone is here to deal with it in the right way.
  • Get rid of the negativity -
    It is just not the supernatural powers that come with evil powers or negativity – but it is also the people’s negativity that can impact your well-being. Have this gemstone on your body in the form of a finger ring or possibly a pendant and lead a happy life that you always dreamt of. The apatite gemstone is said to keep all the negativity at bay.

Develops the creative side -
 It is not an easy thing to excel in the field of art or creativity. It takes a lot of patience, skill and brain to employ the right skill at the right time and place. The apatite gemstone helps you discover the creative side of you and hence, excel in your career objective. 

Color Change Apatite Facts

  • The apatite gemstone is said to be found mostly in Madagascar and in other regions like India, Canada, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Burma, etc. There is no classic cut shape for this gemstone. They come in various cuts and shapes and hence easy to be used too. It is possible to talk about the process of treatment of the gemstone based on the color in which they exist. The green apatite gemstone is said to be untreated one which means that it has undergone the least processing in comparison with the blue apatite. The blue apatite gemstone is said to have undergone considerable amount of processing.
  • The different processing stages of this gemstone do not have anything to do with the hardness quotient of the stone. The hardness scale of this stone is measured 5. This makes the stone not too strong one but not a weak one too. The gemstones with this level of hardness need to be maintained with utmost care in order to ensure that they last long with durability. The apatite gemstone due to its least hardness is prone to scratches. It is essential to maintain this gemstone at regular intervals just to make sure that their powers are not blocked by any kind of impurities.

Cleaning the gemstone with lukewarm water with the help of a soft bristles brush will be adequate to clean up any accumulated dust particles.

Metaphysical Properties

Like already described, the color of the gemstone is vastly dependent on the processing and the heating of the gemstone. But did you know that each color of the apatite gemstone is capable of activating the various chakras of the body. Not many of you might be familiar with this fact. Here are the details.

Yellow apatite stone is capable of activating the solar plexus chakra in the body. It is well known to eliminate all kinds of impurities and toxins in the human body with ease and thus providing the person with healthy body and prosperous life.

Likewise, the blue apatite gemstone is known to activate the throat chakra and makes it easy for the person to talk emotions of the heart out without fear of shame and failure. The one thing that needs to be taken good care of is about the hardness of the stone. As it is not one of the hardest stone, proper care must be taken to make sure that it last long without being damaged.

Color Change Apatite Color

Generally, the apatite is found in green color. It is also found commonly in the colorless form. However, there are also some stones whose colors range green, blue, brown, white, red, purple and multicolored. The colors that are seen mostly using apatite gemstone are brown and yellow. Some of the gemstones after the extraction process are heated to improve their quality and color.

The middle portion of this gemstone exhibits cat eye effect with a silk like ribbon passing parallel in the stone. The gemstone is mostly translucent in nature and sometime transparent. This condition is basically varied due to reasons like heating and the other processing of the crude stone extracted.  

Having the apatite gemstone by your side will just not only enhances your beauty but will enhance the value of life. People many times happen to assume the sapphire gemstone to be apatite gemstone as both have many similarities in colors as well as components.

As we all know that there are a number of colors available in apatite and if the best one from among all the colors is to be chosen then it is definitely the ‘blue apatite’. Researches had made it clear that the presence of chlorine, fluorine etc determines the color of the apatite gemstone. Of all the colors of apatite gemstone, the transparent stones are the rarest ones due to the limited availability in nature.

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