Brecciated mookaite

Brecciated Mookaite - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Brecciated Mookaite, a stone of vitality which gives the verve to its carrier to “give the best shot now” as well as help him to balance the internal torso along with the external surroundings in order to accept the changing turns of the life. It is a stone that is believed to carry along the beauty of the earth and has the propensity to amplify the life force vigor. A stone of the western region of Australia, it is hauled out in tones of brown, brownish-yellow as well as scorching red. It tends to carry an electromagnetic vigor with it to heal its carrier with the earthly magnetic current. It helps its holder to hold on its positive energies which are believed to be extracted out by it from the earth. This positive oomph has a tendency to increase the willpower of its carrier as well as the focus on his goals.

Brecciated Mookaite Jewelry is likewise known to endorse an ageless or the hearty spirit to accept the life changes willingly and move on in life to seek the beauty of new experiences. It is too believed to awaken the inner instinct that leads its carrier in the right direction of the life’s path. It gets its name from the Mooka Creek, a close by the vicinity of the Kennedy Ranges from where it is pulled out. Habitually in traditions, also in today’s world, people used the term Mooka for running water as well as for the springs. It would be truthful to articulate that it is an organic gem, as it is created or produced by the skeletal relics of radiolarians that are microscopic protozoa who hold a tough silica shell. It is formed as these leftovers were dumped over millions of years as dregs in the lower regions of sea beds.

The dregs, then coagulated by the added silica, which is present in the groundwater. These dregs along with minerals protrude out the stunning shades of red or carrot red, reddish-purple or purplish-red, mustard yellow color, creams-white, pure white, russet, lavender-violet and wine plum. It is a fostering stone that is believed to help its carrier at the times of stress by bringing peace along with the feeling of wholeness. It further engenders versatility in its holder to accept and acknowledge the life-changing state of affairs. It is likewise deemed to ascertain the truth behind the changes so as to choose the right path for further life. It is too believed to block the unwanted vibes from the outside environment that can distract the carrier from the league. It is good to solve meditative purposes, as it invokes the intuitive along with the spiritual powers to connect to the divine. On a physical plane, it refines the immune system of the torso to stabilize the overall health of the holder. It is believed to associated with the lower chakras f the torso.

Where is Brecciated Mookaite found?

Also known as Australian jasper, it is extracted out from the Mooka Creek, a close by the vicinity of the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia. Today it is exported all around the globe. 

Healing Properties Of Brecciated Mookaite

Brecciated Mookaite is a fascinating stone that is considered to carry grounding eminence along with a worth to encourage activists and spontaneity. The warm energies of this gem are known to attach the earthly powers of the world to its bearer. It is further believed to increase the self-confidence and self-worth that, on the other hand, help him to see his potency. By turning on the solar plexus chakra, it is believed to seat the personal self-powers. It is too believed to be an ideal gem tool to overcome vacillation furthermore helps to reveal the truth behind such behaviors. It is known to be a motivational stone that moreover helps the holder resolve the stressful issues from the life. Its incessant vibration oomphs help its carrier to focus on avoiding distracting subjects. Its grounding eminence keeps the holder peaceful and grounded. It is further thought to remove the disturbing matters from the life that in the spells motivates the holder to move ahead and flourish. It is further believed to get rid of negativity and stabilize the aura. It with its soothing energies helps to balance the energies of the holder with the energies of close aura. It is liable to hold the religious liveliness that draws the carrier’s vigor to guide him towards cosmic openness. It is further alleged to hearten meditation over and above contemplation. It is too acknowledged for its passion that in the spells attract love, intimacy. It too makes the kinship healthy. It is supposed to provoke the artistic capability in its carrier.

Physical Healer:

Brecciated Mookaite is believed to be a physically steady stone as it helps to boost up the immune system as well as offset the upshots of aging. It is measured highly invigorating for tissue deterioration of the internal appendages. It treats the high blood level and is believed to cure the disorders related to kidney along with the gall bladder. It is too believed to mend the problem of cystitis as well as the mineral content of the carrier’s torso. It is further used to soothe the troubles related to the digestive system, stomach and bowels. It is further known to relieve stress from the torso moreover purify the blood and blood streams. It is known to heal cuts, injuries as well as help with breeding and during the whole course of gestation. It aids to eradicate out the toxins from the torso of its carrier as well as serving to treat gastric troubles, chronic constipation along with bowel and prostate. It is further known to improve night vision, abet in circulation, and help out to conquer deep fatigue and loss of libido. It is also intended to ease allergies, and heal dry skin and other skin-associated troubles.

Emotional Healer:

Brecciated Mookaite is known to be a stone that gets below the surface of the disturbing emotions to discover the cause behind this. It is further known to provide calming energies in the air to release negativity and inspire confidence. It provokes the desires to taste the new experiences of the life. It allows its carrier to let go the past as well as accepting the modifications of the lifespan. It is further believed to hearten the flexibility that in the spell of life helps to accept all sorts of the state of affairs. It is too branded to provide strength along with the stability in the mind of its carrier by releasing nervousness, strain. It aggravates the feelings of intimacy, love, passion and also generosity to lead the further kinship peacefully. It is likewise known to eradicate the feelings of insecurity from the loving kinship. It further helps to root out the constant concerns of money, job. It further helps its carrier to regain his foothold after facing failures of the spirit. As a stone of empowerment, it brings the strength to resist the emotional domination by others. It is too known to infuse the confidence by re-activating a passion for living when feeling low.

Spiritual Healer:

Brecciated Mookaite embraces the power of an ageless spirit which helps its carrier to understand the close relation of the mind and body for proper functioning. It inspires the knowledge that change is good and is for opening growth prospects therefore it should carry with cheer. It keeps the mind active as well as continuously provides the brain food to keep it healthy and away from being aged. It plays a key role in keeping the conscious mind vigorous, as it serves to raise the conscious level to contact cosmic powers. It is further believed to turn on the deeper facets of mind by allowing its direct access to inherited memory so as to uncover the emotional and behavioral patterns gained from the ancestors. Brecciated Mookaite’s grounding energies keep the carrier in contact with the mother earth to imbibe its soothing, grounding energies. It further helps to celebrate the simple moments of life in an extraordinary manner, just to bring happiness all around. Its high vibrating energies by strengthening the chakras are known to awaken the kundalini power to experience the powerful spiritual experiences. It is known to be a deep meditative stone that inspires its carrier to move forward in life as well as in all things.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

Brecciated Mookaite is known to tied into the earth energies that in turn are believed to trigger the Base Chakra. It is further alleged to stabilize moreover energize the whole physical torso. It is known to balance the yin and yang energies that further serve to align the emotional and mental torso too. It is known to control the kinesthetic vigor furthermore its movement. As known to flex on the root/base chakra it lays the foundation for physical also to spiritual energy to resonate in the torso. It is too known to ease its carrier from the feelings of discomfort, low enthusiasm or distant. It is often considered to activate autonomy and unprompted leadership. It treats the out of balance energies to align to maintain the healthy stream of energies in the physical structure.

It is further believed to trigger the Sacral Chakra, or Second Chakra, so as to control the life flow energy along with the flow of torso’s energy. It serves to keep the stream of information intact, from the tip of the tail end and vice versa. It helps the holder to pleasure in life by experiencing the suppleness of the mind. It is acknowledged to unbolt the six sense of its carrier that further leads to non-linear communication with the self as well as with the divine power. It keeps its carrier in a good spirit.

Brecciated Mookaite Facts

Facts about Brecciated Mookaite

  • It is a birthstone for October born people as well for the people who fall under the zodiac sign of Virgo.
  • This gemstone acquired from the Western part of Australia, so also termed as Australian Jasper. On ecological or geographical ground, it is brecciated radiolarite.
  • It is opaque in nature. It is impure in nature as it holds various amounts of other minerals.
  • Its name comes from where it is pulled out; it is taken out from Mooka Creek near Kennedy Ranges
  • Mooka means running water. 

Metaphysical Properties Of Brecciated Mookaite

  • Brecciated Mookaite being grounding and stabilizing stone holds the specialty to broaden the horizons of a mental torso. It is believed to inspire openness in the thoughts along with the flexibility in the opinions.
  • It is known to take a calming sense that in spell serves to manage hard positions with informality. It further serves to infuse innovativeness in the ideas.
  • It is believed good to use at the time of meditation as it is known to unite the energies of the macrocosm with the vitalities of the self. It motivates its carrier to live merrily.
  • It holds a tendency to carry electromagnetic powers of the earth, so as to make the life of its carrier grounding, easy as well as cheerful.
  • It is thought to infuse the power in its carrier to understand the subjects clearly and then behave accordingly.
  • It is superior for psychic announcements that open the door of the cosmos.
  • On a physical plane, it is known to take away all toxins from the physical torso as well as beef up the immune system.

Brecciated Mookaite Color

Originated in different color tones it is found in the stunning shades of red, reddish-purple, mustard-yellow, creamy-white, white, russet, lavender-violet and wine plum. â€‹

Brecciated Mookaite Colors


  • Cleavage
  • Other NamesAustralian Jasper
  • Crystal HabitMassive micro granular quartz
  • StreakWhite
  • Refractive Index1.54
  • DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)6.5 to 7
  • SourcesWestern Australia
  • Chemical formulaSiO2
  • LustreVitreous To Greasy
  • Colormustard yellows, creamy whites and tan browns, red and purple
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra,Sacral chakra
  • BirthstoneOctober
  • Zodiacvirgo
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