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Bio Tourmaline - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Bio Tourmaline is a gemstone that is akin to granite in structure and is acknowledged for its magical powers. This gemstone has a unique quality of creating an amount of electrical charge and can give out negative charge. 

Where is Bio Tourmaline found?

It can be found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Bolivia, Nigeria, Mozambique, India, Russia Italy, Madagascar, and California. The most significant locations include Zimbabwe, the United States, Australia, Afghanistan, and Africa. 

Healing Properties

Bio Tourmaline is one of the best gemstones that is well capable of relieving your stress. You will feel a soothing effect when you overcome the pressure that you face in everyday life.  
Bio Tourmaline discharges infrared radiation. Electromagnetic radiation of such range is useful in strengthening the immunity and can clean up the toxins in the body. Bio Tourmaline, thus, protects your health. 
It will help in all the hurtful situations - emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It will bring your health, joy, and optimism. It will help you in all the exertions in your life by neutralizing them.

Better Health


  • The gemstone will make your health better. It will strengthen the immune system, digestive system, circulatory system and makes all the organs function optimally. It will cure all the pains in bones and joints. It can help in making your skin beautiful by making it blemish free. 
  • Bio tourmaline will get rid of the tension in your spine and will make it flexible. It will make your stronger and healthy.

In losing weight


  • The gemstone can help in losing weight if you are obese and or are suffering from overweight. Bio tourmaline assists you in reducing the excess fat that has accumulated in your body. 
  • It can also help in issues that affect the functionality of the adrenal gland and relieve trauma linked stress. 
  • Bio Tourmaline can improve metabolism and thereby making the body perform its function usually. 
  • If your kids suffer from panic attacks because of long solitude, the gemstone can help you.
  • The gemstone will help you alleviate the pain in muscles, intestines and the spine. It can also help you in case of allergies. 

Bio tourmaline will make your earn more wealth


  • The gemstone will ease all the hardships that prevent you to earn more. You might have an excellent opportunity to earn more, but if you are unable to leverage it, Bio tourmaline will help. 
  • Bio tourmaline can help you if you happen to work for the whole day being at a sedentary job, or similar other jobs with a little exercise. The gemstone will reduce the adverse effects of lack of activity. 

It can help in strengthening the immune system by spreading positive energy evenly across the body. It will, thus, make the blood circulation and better and get rid of the toxins in the body. 


Bio Tourmaline Facts

  • Bio Tourmaline is a long-lasting gemstone. Its structure is compact and can last up to thousand years. 
  • The gemstone is found in the region where granite rocks are formed. 
  • Bio Tourmaline a problematic molecular structure.
  • The gemstone is available in the shape of rectangular bars. 
  • The main varieties of the gemstone include uvite, liddicoatite, and schorl. 
  • Tourmaline is the official gemstone of USA.  


Metaphysical Properties

Bio Tourmaline is a gemstone with extraordinary metaphysical properties. It will influence the activities of a person in many ways. It can calm down your mind in case there is turmoil because of conflict in viewpoint with your partners in business or similar vital people. Bio Tourmaline makes you more considerate and you will be flexible enough to bring out necessary changes in the way business should execute so that it could befit others. 

It cures emotional pain and soothes the negative emotions that otherwise derail relationships. 

The gemstone is an excellent stone for healing and meditation. It will make the positive energy to work, and you will develop the necessary and physical and mental confidence to perform your everyday tasks. 

It will enable you to become welcoming

Bio tourmaline will help you gain the friendship of people that are crucial to your progress. They may be the principal shareholders in your business or people with a particular set of expertise. Thus, you will urge to feel the importance of reaching goals and make all the happy.  

It will make you flexible

Bio tourmaline will influence the chakras and makes you adaptable. You will be committed to the accomplishment of assigned responsibilities. 

You will be more focused

Bio tourmaline will make your attention concentrated on the avowed objective. You will not divert from the main course of action. 

You will able to maintain poise

You will stay in your position even as you encounter adversity that could endanger your position. Bio tourmaline will help you maintain your cool, and you will face the circumstances gracefully. You will maintain mental balance even during troubled times.  

You will shine with empathy

You will be open to understanding others position as opposed to before when you were one-sided and didn’t take into account that others will be hurt by what you do or say. Now you will understand their position, and you will be happy to help them. 

You will understand the world better

Bio tourmaline will make you appreciate the world from a broader perspective. You will be ready to visualize things from others’ standpoint and will be able to win them to your side.

Bio Tourmaline will enhance your self-confidence

The gemstone influences your route chakra, and you will develop self-esteem to face the challenges that confront you. You will become fearless and inspired while considering working with all the stakeholders. 

An excellent tool for enhancing creativity

The gemstone will make you more expressive, and you can use your creative ability in your career, business and elsewhere. 

It will dispel negative qualities

The gemstone is helpful in destroying negativity. Negative qualities such as jealousy, anger, aggressiveness, resentment will go and you will able to tackle the negative situation easily and will be able to clean them up all. It can help you in cases which you never contemplated.

It will improve your IQ

The gemstone will help you take cognizance of things as they are. You will also be capable of conversing with others easily by understanding what they are looking for. You will achieve emotional stability. 


Bio Tourmaline In News

Bio Tourmaline Color

The gemstone is found in diverse colors that appear in the rainbow. Being present in numerous alluring colors, it is among the most beautiful gemstones that are most sought-after.
Tourmaline encompasses several minerals, and the name is used to identify diverse stones that are related to tourmaline. Bio Tourmaline gems can be obtained in a variety of colors.  The color may vary – black to brown. A few varieties may be yellow or brown. The gemstone can thus be found in colors such as yellow, green, blue, pink and red. The rarest type of the gemstone is the colorless variety. 

It is important to note that Bio Tourmaline crystals can embody a particular color according to the angle at which you glance at them. 


  • Cleavage Indistinct
  • Other Nameswatermelon tourmaline only when pink and green is present
  • Crystal HabitParallel and elongated. Acicular prisms, sometimes radiating
  • Streak White
  • Refractive Indexnω=1.635–1.675,nε=1.610–1.650
  • Diaphaneity transparent to opaque
  • Mohs scale (hardness)7–7.5
  • SourcesUnited States,Brazil,Africa,Afghanistan
  • Chemical formulaXY3Z6(T6O18)(BO3)3V3W
  • LustreVitreous
  • ColorMost commonly black, but can range from colorless to brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, or hues in between; can be bi-colored, or even tri-colored; rarely can be neon green or electric blue
  • Chakra HealingRoot or base chakra
  • BirthstoneOctober
  • Zodiaclibra
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