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Asteroid Jaspers are usually mined when there is the presence of low tide. Jaspers have been in use since ancient times. They have a long and beautiful history. These precious stones were used, loved and respected in the earlier times for their numerous healing powers. Take for example the Egyptians who used these stones in making jewels, talismans and also in their various rituals. The Egyptians also used to make amulets out of Jaspers. They had the belief that Jaspers ensure a safe journey in life after death. There are historical references available for Jaspers that indicate that these lovely stones were worn by people of different classes, especially, by the kings, priests, and shamans, etc. It was strongly believed that Jaspers provided amazing healing as well as fortification support to its wearers. Asteroid Jaspers are believed to contain very soothing energy that is very helpful in meditation. This energy also helps the wearer to develop self-understanding as well as love. 

Asteroid Jasper has a unique orbicular appearance. This, in turn, means that it shows a round or flat ring/disc shape. The exceptional pattern on Asteroid Jasper makes it a very demanding stone. Many exciting shapes and styles can be cut out of this lovely stone. As the original surface has cavities in its rock and veins, the smooth surface of Asteroid Jasper is achieved through specific treatment. Being microcrystalline quartz in nature, the Asteroid Jasper requires skillful polishing with tin oxide/ cerium. 

Asteroid jasper is a very rare form of Jasper. The surface of this exclusive stone shows various circles in different hues. You can also observe few contour and bands on the surface that show lovely intrusions of Druze. It is strongly believed worldwide that the sole pattern of Asteroid Jasper portrays the interconnection among different universal objects/processes. Due to the presence of amazing patterns, it is believed that Asteroid Jaspers are great stones for building a deep connection with the entire universe. They also improve one’s understanding of the universe and various mysteries associated with the universe. 

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Where is Asteroid Jasper found?

It is found only on the shores of Madagascar.

Healing Properties

• Removes negativity and attracts positivity - The positive powers of the stonework on the cellular level. Asteroid Jaspers are a wonderful choice for people who often feel low or bad. Inducing happiness, excitement, thrill, and positivity, these stones uplift your mood instantly. The users of this stone feel happy and positive. These stones have the capability of inviting all the positive energy of the universe. Thus, removing all the negativity from the wearer’s aura and filling positivity in place of the former, the Asteroid Jasper makes sure that the wearer’s life becomes full of optimism, happiness, and positivity. 

• Creates and enhances a sense of responsibility – When one starts using Asteroid Jasper, the sense of responsibility can be clearly observed. The wearer of this stone becomes automatically aware of his duties and starts taking action to fulfill his/her duties and responsibilities.
• Helps bring calmness – For those who feel very disturbed, irritated or worried due to some reason or the other in their lives, Asteroid Jasper can induce a very soothing and calming feeling to their perplexed mind. 

• Provides protection against evil things – If you are scared of being attacked by evil things as well as thinking, Asteroid Jasper can guard you against any sort of evil activity. 

Asteroid Jasper Facts

• Native American tribes strongly believe in this stone. They follow the custom of considering Jasper as a rainmaker. 

• Use Asteroid Jasper to enhance sexual pleasure in your life. 

• Using the stone also helps combat impotency. 

• Its formula is SiO2 and it has a hardness of 6.5 to 7.

• The pattern of this stone is believed to reflect the interconnectivity that exists between various objects of the university. 

• It should be discharged once in twenty days’ time and charged in the company of rock crystals. 

• It can be charged by putting it near indoor potted flowers. However, charging Asteroid Jasper under the sun is not recommended.

Metaphysical Properties

• Works as a wonderful healer - Asteroid jasper is strongly respected and loved as an amazing healer. It helps enhance intelligence as well as bravery in its wearer. The firm connection of this stone with the universe helps Asteroid Jasper to fetch amazing healing powers that are quite useful, strong and trustworthy. 

• Helpful in various bodily disorders - It can also stop bleeding and can provide protection against infections. Use it for smooth digestion. It also helps combat physical issues related t spleen, kidneys, liver, and gallbladder.   

Asteroid Jasper at a Glance

Cleavage NA
Other Names NA
Crystal Habit NA
Streak NA
Refractive Index NA
Diaphaneity NA
Moh's scale (hardness) NA
Sources NA
Chemical formula NA
Lustre NA
Color NA
Chakra Healing

Asteroid Jasper Color

You can find this stone in a few beautiful colors including brownish-red to brick-red, blue, black, yellow and green. 

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Read This Before Purchasing Asteroid Jasper Jewelry

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Read This Before Purchasing Asteroid Jasper Jewelry

Asteroid Jasper is one of the rare varieties of Jasper that is found only on the shores of Madagascar. This beautiful...

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