Are you looking for the best crystals for protection?

Whether it's emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual, we're all looking for some protection in our lives. 
The gemstones don't just look pretty; they provide spiritual protection too. Gemstones are said to keep the negative energies away, block off stressful situations, and prevent you from evil spirits. The key is to choose a crystal that aligns with the type of protection you need in your life. When you select a crystal, pick the one you feel most drawn to, listen to your inner voice and intuition when you choose a crystal. There are many powerful crystals for protection and grounding that can help you tune with your energy frequency and repel bad vibes. 

Here are some gemstones and crystals for health benefits that can keep you protected from unwanted energies.


Tektite possesses gentle and powerful energy. The energy of this gemstone is very strong and known to strengthen the aura and raise one's vibration. The healing energies of textite can help to cure depression and anxiety. 

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is considered the best gemstone used for protection. This stone can help you transmute negative energy into positive and keep bad thoughts and feelings away.


This lovely green gemstone creates a strong vibration and encourages compassion and forgiveness. This stone heals up the wounds of the past and can provide balance, confidence, and prosperity to your life.

Uvarovite Garnet

It is the rarest gemstone of the Garnet family and is referred to as the Stone of Abundance and enhances spiritual relationships. This stone will increase the love, brings peace and acceptance to your life, and dispel all the negative vibrations. Uvarovite Garnet is well known because of its myriad health benefits and is called the Stone of Health. That's why it is considered one of the most Ultimate protection gemstones. 


This gemstone is the rear formation of titanium silicate. This is the best stone for psychic protection and can enhance your psychic and telepathic gifts. It can also help you manifest your dreams and desires easily and is an excellent stone for learning.

These are the best crystals for protection that you can place at your home or on your office desk, or you can wear them in the form of jewelry to keep negative energies away from you.  
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