Gemstone Jewelry For Hair Problems

Gemstones have become extremely popular for healing physical and mental problems but what is interesting is that they help in the growth of hair as well. Using therapeutic crystals for hair growth is not exactly science nor should you replace them with the medication that your dermatologist has prescribed. Crystals are supposed to be used in combination with whatever treatments are suggested by the doctor. Before you start wearing gemstone jewelry, it is crucial to release any scepticism surrounding the gems. For gems to perform their magic efficiently, you must let go of any negative energy or stress surrounding the crystals. 

Best Crystals For Hair Problems

There are several crystals that are known to prevent hair loss and encourage hair growth. Here is the list of the crystals that we have available in our vault which also serve the purpose of hair growth.
  1. Moonstone

Moonstone is believed to be the most powerful and effective crystal for hair growth by virtually every site. If you are suffering from thinning strands, this gemstone adds moisture back into them to avoid further breakage. It is suggested that you make an elixir by putting a charged moonstone in clear water under sunlight for around seven to eight hours. After that, add a little bit of apple cider vinegar for preservation. Once it is ready, add seven drops of water and apply to your scalp.
  1. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz gemstone works on absorbing any harmful energy that might damage your hair. This results in the removal of dandruff, taming of frizz, and even destroying lice. You will have shiny and smooth hair in no time which a little help from this gemstone. In order to get the best results of this gemstone, you must charge it by reciting your own positive mantra while you hold the crystal. 
  1. Clear Quartz

This magnificent crystal works somewhat similarly to smoky quartz gemstone because it also eliminates impurities from the scalp. It is especially known to get rid of dandruff which impedes hair growth. Use clear quartz gemstone by placing it in clear water in a bowl under the sunlight for a while. Once it is ready, use the water to wash your locks. Not only this but it also makes your hair strong and thick.
  1. Black Onyx

Black onyx gemstone is considered to be the best hair protector. Not only does it combat frizz and dandruff but it also adds a lot of nourishment to your tresses. Purify the crystal in water and bathe it in the moonlight. After that, wash your hair with gem-infused water to nourish your hair and promote hair growth.
  1. Mookaite Jasper

This mookaite jasper gemstone in our store helps in promoting youth along with assisting in strengthening hair, nails, and skin. It also stimulates new hair growth. After purifying the stone, rub it against your frizzy strands every day for a week consistently. You will witness amazing results in no time. 

Before You Go!

If you are going through hair problems even after using the best hair products, now is the time to give a chance to gemstone jewelry for hair problems. Browse through our collection today and choose the right crystal for yourself which can also be worn in the form of magnificent jewelry.
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